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This Mad Max Community is to help link the many Mad Max web sites out there that have information pertaining to one of the best series of movies ever made. {;}{;}{;}

Mad Max Unlimited
Come here to buy parts to build your favorite Mad Max car or Australian Musclecar, or just have one built for you!

Mad Max Image and Sound Archive
A compilation of promotional images from the 1979 American release of "Mad Max," including advance press release and black and white promo photos. Also .wav files compacommunity American and Aussie dialog ...

Mad Max / Mopar Need For Speed 3 Cars
Here I have made available custom cars (Mopar musclecars and cars from the Mad Max movies) that you can download and use in the game The Need For Speed 3.

Mad Max Replica Stats
Go here to see the stats on all of the known Mad Max replicas currently built or under construction.

Brads Interceptor Site
Welcome to Brads site dedicated to the most famous Australian movie car of all time, the Mad Max Interceptor. On these pages I plan on showing the build process of a Falcon coupe into this legendary vehicle, ...