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When words fail you.

Terre Adelie : le carnet (Adelie Land : the Sketchbook).
I live in Paris (Montmartre), I enjoy taking pictures in the streets (or in my kitchen) and claymodelling, but since I created my blog and really discovered how to mix the use of paper and pixels... yes, ...

bonecos de bolso
Pocket book sketches and travel notebooks

Rebusca que te gusta

Rough sketches
This blog contains all my sketch that I make for my day or illustration friday.

twisted thoughts within my four brick walls
This is the refuge of my thoughts on the complexities of the human mind. And in all the four corners surrounding me, lies the perils of loneliness and desperation, pent up rage and forbidden obsessions. ...

AscenderRisesAbove Studio Updates
A virtual walk through the ascenderrisesabove.com studio as I cycle through assorted art projects; quick snapshots of what I am exchanging in assorted on-line artist groups; photos of exhibit openings. ...

Carolina on my mind
A place where I share what I've drawn and created inspired by everyday life...

Fractal Beanstalk
Some curious things I've found in Sterlingware and Xaos, presented with generally relevant commentary. Includes parameter files for readers to use for further exploration.

Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming

Pen and Paper
an artistic exploration.

Tony Sarrecchia's Illustration Blog
Blog of Tony Sarrecchia, cartoonist, illustrator, and animator.

life after university
the next chapter in life. the life after university.

I just draw some times...

Water Wind Breath
Random musings and artwork. Suggestions to jumpstart your imagination and creativity. Tips on re-cycling materials into your artwork.

miss sam duffys stuff and stuff
Art that is playful and has something to say.

Macdonald's Animal Farm
Political cartoon commentary where the world is viewed in black and white.

Underachievers of the World -- Unite!

The Right-Brainers
Ratlion - a twenty something gal who's into art. Dogcrab - a twenty something guy who's into writing. This blog is intended as an informal portfolio of their work, whatever it maybe. So enjoy, and do let ...

Sunny Rae Days
An inside look at artist Lois Keller's sketch book. This includes life as she see's it from the outside looking in, or is it the other way around? Also includes work from L.A.'s drawing club and Illustration ...

mind the gap
tamshui is living in hong kong. mind the gap special (keep me busy) is his illustrated blog which based on the work from illustration friday.

HumbleArts Journal
HumbleArts is my creative journal where all my little projects come together. Illustration, printmaking, beads, jewelry and whatever else I'm creating end up here.

Drawn to Nature
Forays into the woods to rediscover old drawing skills and rekindle a lost passion for illustration.

Pen, Pencil & Paper
A visual journey through life featucommunity quick daily sketches of everyday object from home, nature and travels.

collage artist claudine hellmuth - blog
blog of mixed media collage artist and author, Claudine Hellmuth.

A blog with lots of political -or not- cartoons and ilustrations. Unfortunatly, only in Portuguese :P

:: Mais Canela, por favor ::
An online sketchbook of a person who sees life through drawing

A blog where i really express myself and am finally embracing my creative side fully. I have returned to my art and i'm loving it!

29,000 Floating Ducks
This is a shared blog by the participating artists in the 29,000 Floating Ducks Travelling Art Journal Project.

Starving Artist
My so-called artwork.

Making A Mark
An art journal reflecting on: - the making of marks with pastels, pencils and pen and ink - influences on developing both artwork and art careers - information about resources for artists - the making ...

A place where Jaku (drawer, animator and ilustrator) shows his drawings, his ilustrations and his animations, and explain some things about his life and his art.

personal site

Welcome to my website! Illustration, design, personal works and much more...

Caderninhos... e «papéis digitais»
This site was been a kind of graphic journal or graphic diary of mine, where I also include some of my illustrations.

Idle Minutes
A sketch journal of people, places, things, animals, trips and events that happen to contain some element of humor, oddity, or beauty.

Visual Space
A place for my experiments with visual arts.

Mischievous Mary
The calligraphy, drawings and sketches of a mere supermarket associate. One needs a creative outlet after dealing with customers all day! May include photos, digital collage and video too.

A blog to complement the art on mraf.com. Here I post my latest sketches and illustrations. Most of the art on this blog is a sort of biomorhic surrealism heavily influenced by artists such as Paul Klee ...

a blog of my original artwork and words, mostly mine, though lately I've been inspired to illustrate words of great writers.

Thick Paint
Thick paint is about Everyday Art and Everyday Life. I'm an oil painter who creates vibrant, intimate paintings of everyday life. I post nearly everyday.

kaybee: sketchblog
Online illustration blog of mostly digitally created images.

Mostly self thought wannabe illustrator teasing her creativity

Crow's Nest
I started the site for Illo. Friday. It's been a way for me to be more creative, and inspire.

Art Inspired by Music and Dreams
Thoughts about art, music and dreams

Hysterical Boredom
I like to make pictures and I like to share what I've made.

Melissa's Sketch Journal
Melissa's place for daily sketching and observing.

bingo and betty
The journey of two monkeys in the stream of evolution... everything changed when they not only got a tv, but satellite tv.Welcome to bingo and betty this is the start of two monkeys that have the keys ...

Coisas do XTO
Site das coisas do XTO, uns contos, desenhos, desejo pelo absurdo.

...in my spare time
Sketching, making things, drawing, painting... yes, I like paint!