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http://blarneybytes.blogspot.com wimp & wench woman discovers art

Rowan tree
Illustration, art, topics, comments It´s my life....

With not much time left in days chockful with the rest of my life the moments of contemplative drawing, sketching, or painting are rare and precious. This online journal will host a sample of these d ...

A blog about whatever crosses my radar. Art, books, life in general.

A place to hold my work for me and others - more than a portfolio as this will hold pieces which may not be worthy of a place in the portfolio too.

Magnus Anteckningar
Just an illustrated Swedish blog.

A online reflection of things that have been brewing and I want to start working on.

Creative Journey
Pictures and words about the creative life, from a Southern Californian point of view.

Kimberly's Kreations

I am a stay-at-home mother of two and one half. I am also an artist, designer, writer, and a reasonably happy and not-at-all-desperate but slightly neurotic housewife of a slightly mad Englishman. This ...

Wild West Yorkshire
Welcome to the wilder side of the county: a year in the life of woodland, meadow, riverside . . . and a fairly wild back garden.

...3 segundos*
my little illos and stuff

Augustine is Natalie's cartoon alter ego. This is her blog. She interviews political figures, famous artists, and God. She also expresses her opinions and thoughts about the meaning of life, the universe ...

A regular stream of beguiling drawings. Abstract, surreal, cartoon, expressionist, or a hybrid. The blog is firstly me doing art, secondly me thinking art, thirdly anything else that seems good at the ...

mark oberndorf fine art
a work in progress blog, this is where I can show my paintings in every stage of creation. From initial sketch in, through various stages of underpainting, to completed work.

Hmm, I'm a senior in high School, I have a blog. I draw. So, I post my avergae drawings, of my average life. I actually love my average life. I have awesome friends, awesome family, basically, awesome ...

Learning Daily
so much to learn ! and here I try to sort it out. . . . .

Repository of Secrets
Creative explorations in art journaling, altered books, faux finishing. Creativity.

jubilee's artbox
jubilee's artbox: musings, reflections, ideas, drawings, paintings, and little paper crafts

this is the online sketchbook for brandon reese.

Through the Fears
A window into the life of a contemporary artist

ilana'gallery from Israel
I like to paint and illustrate first of all for my enjoyment. My paintings are usually collages. They are combined with elements like butterflies, shells, women figures, letters and writing, motifs of ...

Type Delete Retype
Drawing and painting was something I HATED throughout school. I was the student with a 2% grade (funny, since I Loved drawing/painting as a kid). 2 years ago, I started drawing in my journal, for my own ...

small drawings
A different small drawing is posted regularly, if not daily. The drawings are a small reflection of the artist's life.

Vector's Thingies
From illustration to animation and everything inbetween

planeta hilda
A weblog from Hilda Portela, illustrator, painter, designer and crafter. My work is making things. Different things, like paintings, bags, carpets or lamps...They all are hand made, hand crafted . Most ...

Cartoonist caricature who wants to share the experience.

Starting as a 2005 New Year's resolution, the site is my outlet to post something creative once a week - primarily illustration work. This site is also a home base for Illustration Friday submissions and ...

Le Moleskine à Beleg
The day by day adventure of my notebook. Drawings, writings, collages, photos ... everything I gather is here. Sometimes it's less frequent, but I hope you'll like it.

Eu... sou dominada pelo Ego. domino o meu Ego? escrevo o meu Ego. E agora também o desenho!

Studio 12punt3
Colourful illustrations and graphic design from the Netherlands

The Scribbled Journey
A place where I post my original drawings of daily "stuff" and life experiences. Original sketches in pen and ink with watercolor, pencil, or acrylic.

Skip's Art Gallery
On line gallery of Skip, a young and talented artist

Citizen "Fiona", graphic designer, amateur accordionist, cartoonist and blogger, offers a slice of life in Boulder, Colorado.

Hank of a Jiggy
Hank of a jiggy is the illustrated blog of Michael Kozak. The primary illustrations are pen and ink with watercolor added. Sometimes there might be a painting or some photos.

gregory in trondheim
Melbourne Comic Artist Gregory Mackay is staying in Norway for two months to draw and paint.

Sketch Blog of the Day
Cause You Gotta see What I'm Talkin' About!

Cara Carmina
It's a spanish blog dedicated 100% to the marvelous world of children illustration. I am an illustrator and want to form a community of people with this interest and give sources of inspiration and also ...

sketches & doodles
a daily drawing from s sketchbook or doodle pad

This is Portland artist C. Henle\'s art journal, \"Groovy Hot Talented Dialed\". She is a published and licensed artist living in the Pacific NW, with her Senegal parrot, Kiwi. It\'s all about being ...

chillies and chocolate
An illustrated blog about anything that comes to mind. I like drawing, I like painting, I like blogging.

NeoMojo is an artblog for me, Cathy. Shacommunity online keeps me motivated to actually DO art. That's way cool.

Tribe of Mari
WildGoddess is explocommunity the "Art of the Feminine" with her art and photography.

The Bottomless Cup
A place where I post my daily drawings usually begun with a squiggle. Because I begin most of my drawings this way I usually can't predict what I will draw. It's also a place where I record my thoughts, ...

Blog with a View
A visual diary of original digital art, fractal art, and illustrated poetry by writer/artist Terry Wright.

Blog of original welsh language cartoons and links to cartoon websites or ilustrated sites. You may not understand everything but some cartoons don't really need translating and most links are to english ...

Viperlemonade Pix
A blog, illustrated by myself, focusing mostly on the artistic and creative side of my budapester life.

plum, flower, sky & tree
Random (but sometimes relevant) doodles accompanied by ramblings about whatever is on my mind.

de l'autre cote des cailloux
The graphic french weblog of Cali Rezo

eRic's Portfolio
eRic's portfolio is a collection of dark & twisted yet colourful and sometimes childlike images, covecommunity work from the last few years til today. A cross between Mark Ryden and Tim Burton but still ...