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1970 Pontiac Grand Prix
The Restoration of my 70 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J. Before and after photos of body resto & painting & the installation of many NOS parts. Free help locating parts!

C6 Firebird
The host of the Pontiac Performance Community. C6 Firebird is a pontiac enthusiast website dedicated to the past, present and future cars of Pontiac. The website features discussion board, history section, ...

Bear Mountain Performance
This web site contains specs on my 2002 Firebird convertible, my personal For Sale/Wanted list, an Online Fleamarket, Classified Ad Links, Family's Vehicles, F-Body/GM/Automotive/Non-Automotive Links, ...

My 67 GTO Rough to Tough
Follow the pictures thru the restoration of my 1967 GTO. See how bad it looked and then see the final product.

Paul's GTO Page
Paul's 1968 & 1969 GTO's.


The Pontiac was first introduced by General Motors in the nineteen thirties. The name Pontiac is thought to have been taken from the Native American leader, Chief Pontiac, who fought in Ottawa against the British, or maybe it was the French. Until the mid fifties, the Pontiac logo was a Native American headdress, but was changed to the current Native American red arrowhead because the Pontiac headdress bore too much resemblance to other car logos of the time. When the Pontiac was first introduced by general motors it became quite popular because general motors had managed to produce a high performance Pontiac that was affordable. The Pontiac was initially marketed to young people but in later years became more geared to middle class families. The new Pontiac was less of a high performance Pontiac and more of a luxury Pontiac. Later on the Pontiac returned to its original high performance pontiac self. The first high performance pontiac had a silver streak down its middle. Later Pontiac models had two silver streaks, one on either side of the Pontiac. I like the two-streak pontiac; like the ones you see at 50ís diners in the suburbs. Diner pontiacs are usually light blue pontiacs with silver streaks and are very recognizable. Old high performance pontiacs used to have fins and unusual junk stuck on them that made the high performance pontiac very unique. The high performance pontiac soon lost those strange high performance pontiac embellishments and evolved into some awesome new high performance pontiacs over the next few decades.

High Performance Pontiac

So what makes a high performance Pontiac a high performance Pontiac? Is it pontiacís v-8 engine with overhead valves or its fancy Pontiac high performance carburetors? You can look up everything you need o know about high performance pontiacs in High Performance Pontiac Magazine. You donít actually have to know a lot about a high performance pontiac and its high performance pontiac engine to appreciate the aesthetic wonder that is the high performance pontiac. IT seems that each high pontiac model was more beautiful than its predecessor, at least until recently. The 2007 pontiac solstice is a great high performance pontiac but it lacks the character of the older high performance pontiac models. To check out pontiac models through the decades check out the High Performance Pontiac Magazine online, which has articles, pictures and details about high performance pontiac models through the ages.

High Performance Pontiac Magazine

 High Performance Pontiac Magazine is all about high performance pontiacs. High Performance Pontiac Magazine will tell you how and where to find high performance Pontiacs and high performance pontiac parts. There is also an online version of High Performance Pontiac Magazine. The online High Performance Pontiac Magazine also has lots of articles about high performance Pontiacs for high performance pontiac lovers. I prefer the online version of High Performance Pontiac Magazine to the paper version of High Performance Pontiac Magazine, especially when Iím looking for special high performance pontiac parts or advice about my high performance pontiac. The reason I prefer the online version of High Performance Pontiac Magazine when looking for high performance pontiac parts or services is because the High Performance Pontiac Magazine online allows high performance pontiac lovers to log in and post classified ads, questions, and comments about high performance pontiacs. For instance, if I were looking for a high performance pontiac fender for my pontiac solstice, I could visit the High Performance Pontiac Magazine site online and post a wanted ad for a high performance pontiac fender. Then anyone visiting the High Performance Pontiac Magazine online who happens to have a high performance pontiac fender for my pontiac solstice could post a reply and we could arrange some sort of exchange. The advantage of having a hard copy of the High performance pontiac Magazine is that you can take it with you wherever you go. If youíre driving to work in your pontiac solstice and you get stuck in traffic, you can pull out your High Performance Pontiac Magazine and check out the latest new and articles about high performance pontiacs.

Pontiac solstice

The new 2007 pontiac solstice looks better than ever with a return to the high performance pontiac that seemed to have been forgotten for a while. This high performance pontiac solstice has a new engine and a flashy high performance pontiac marketing campaign. The 2007 pontiac solstice is features in the High Performance pontiac Magazine online and claims to be on par with Mazdaís Miata. The high performance pontiac has come a long way since itís beginnings in the nineteen thirties. In the nineteen seventies, the pontiac solstice was known for its incredible acoustics Ė far better than the other high performance pontiacs that came before it. Good acoustics are important to have in your pontiac solstice. You donít want to drop a few thousand dollars on an amazing sound system for your pontiac solstice to find that your pontiac solstice has poor acoustics. Luckily, this is not the case with the pontiac solstice because of all the high performance pontiacs, the pontiac solstice has the best acoustics. Some of the newer models, such as the 2007 pontiac solstice have even sharper acoustics. It would be interesting to compare the acoustics of a pontiac solstice from the seventies with a pontiac solstice today. Even better would be to compare the acoustics of the 2007 pontiac solstice with that of the new Mazda miata.

Pontiac 326

The Pontiac 326 is a pontiac engine thatís really been abandoned by pontiac. You rarely even hear mention of the pontiac 326 in high performance pontiac publications such as High Performance Pontiac magazine online.