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Community for Pagan horse people or who care about horses and are horrified over their slaughter due to Premarin production and other forms of abuse. If you are a Pagan horseperson, worship an Equine Deity, are active in anti-abuse or alternative hormone promotion, or just want to hook up with others who want a better life for horses, please join us.

Sacred Horse ---a list for Pagan horsepeople
This is a Yahoo! list for Pagans who worship Equine Deities and/or work with horses. From rituals involving or for horses to training and rescue of horses are on topic. If you love horses or Horse Goddesses, ...

Daughters of Daghda
I am not a horsewoman, but I did have the misfortune of having been put on Premarin (not knowing then how it was made) and becoming very ill from it. I am now on an alternative without any side effects. ...

Macha's Children Community
The homepage for this community....for Pagans who care about stopping horse abuse, slaughter, Premarin/PMU.

On the Shieling --The Horses of Dn Sgthan
Come meet Saoradh, our elderly rescue horse...who, appropriately, came to live with us on Beltaine! Also tribute to past horses, an essay on Celtic Horses, a rant against Premarin/PMU. More to come. ...

Pictures of my 24 year old mare's rescue from starvation and her journey back into good health.

The Winds Of War
A tribute to all of the horses who fought in battle. History, photographs, links and lake applets, as well as free clip art.