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This Community is for sites that have a Mythological Theme or a Site that has a Ancient Lands Theme...eg Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greek....etc..

Raven Queen's Domain
Our site is dedicated to Irish and Norse mythology, its sagas and gods. With a special dedication to Bran Mac Feobal and the Norse goddess Freyja. It is new, now, but will grow as inspiration and time ...

Gateway To Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian history including the various dynasties and their pharaohs, religious and funerary beliefs, gods, temples, tombs, pyramids, photos and e-cards.

Raven Queen's Domain
Our site is a small shrine to the Irish/Welsh God Bran, and the Norse and Greek gods, as well. Updated frequently and includes many of the ancient myths, legends, histories, and ponderances. More to come, ...

Spiritual Majic
Spiritual information, web links and communitys,web competitions and fun to share.

Mitos del Cielo: Catasterismo grecolatino
Classic mythology and its relation with the constellations. It contains mythical biographies, myth and classic work summaries. In Catalan and Spanish. Mitología clásica y su relación con las constelaciones. ...