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A community for non-commercial pages at Tripod, Angelfire and any other homepage provider run by Lycos, or for sites which were located on these sites before being capriciously censored and deleted. *ahem* Blogs are welcome to join. Applicant sites must abide by the Lycos terms of service and should come in at no higher than a PG rating and not have anything that would be considered genuinely offensive in common sense, pre-Political Correctness terms; let's keep this place reasonably friendly. The community is closed, but I'll be glad to open it for qualified applicants. Just sign up for my homelist (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Joe_Dunphy), and tell me about your site.

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General information But that's only 19 characters, and Rob has had the Ringsurf system set to refuse any descriptions with fewer than 1000 characters. Is that wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful ...

The ringmaster's homelist
A pair of mailing lists you can use to get in touch with the communitymaster, one of which can be used to discuss sites applying to the community, the other being an update list for the communitymaster's ...

ISP Reports: Tripod, Ringsurf, Webring and the Rest
Want to give a little feedback about the performance your website / community host has been putting in lately, in a place where that hosting service won't get to censor your posts? Especially if that service ...