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Click Member link to see site in tvRose-Kim Knits
A blog about my knitting, life and other stuff.

Sheep in the City
My ramblings about knitting and life....and how knitting has taken over! I live and knit in Denver, Colorado.

Knifty Knits
Almost daily posting about my life, my knitting and my job. More knitting than anything else.

Diamonds & Purls
Musings about my life and knitting ... in Richmond VA.

A memory trip of my knitting. What I'm doing, why I'm doing it, who I'm doing it for, what I'm doing it with. Knitting stuff. Keeping my knitting-related stuff away from my livejournal thing - because ...

Just Another Day
A site about nothing, everything, and what's in between!

Kimberli New York
Creativity from the heart of New York City. Talk about knitting, theatre, knitting, movies, restaurants and knitting. I also post photos and stories about my travels thru Asia and Europe. I work in the ...

The Sheep at the Beach ART Studio
A brief visit to a little knitting, spinning & dyeing studio where dogs play, the sheep are imaginary and coffee & wine are free flowing!

Darkside of Knitting
MY blog about my knitting and anything else that happens around my knitting.

Absolute Rae
Tucson, AZ might not me the most happening town, but it sure is knit-er-ific! I keep myself busy with my needles, two cats and snake.

Knitting in Seattle and Bellevue, WA

Wild Swan
A blog about everything, but heavy on the knitting, from an engineecommunity graduate student in Seattle.

The Dragon Knits
It's not that hard to knit with talons.

amandamonkey's World of Stitch
Forum for posting knitting (plus a few embroidery and sewing) projects and the occasional political or research-related rant.

I belong to the NYC Stitch'n Bitch, and have been knitting since the fall of 2004. My knitting style is pretty simple, and I love using new fibers.

Knitting Circle
A journal of my knitting projects and progress in the Seattle, WA area.

Knitting With Cats
A beginner knitter and her life...which includes a big move, cats, chocolate and love!

Saturday Night Sheep
My life as a knitter...

Cerridwen's Knitting Blog
The blog of a UofA knitter.

A behind-the-scences look at NexStitch.com

Trampled by Geese
I am a philosophy major, currently studying for my undergraduate degree. My knitting obsession started as a way of relieving the stress of being a student. Now I knit because I love it. I blog about what ...

Charm City Knits

Becky's Knitting
A member of Austin's Stitch 'n Bitch, Becky is a twenty-something law student. She loves knitting cables, lace, and socks and incorporating Harry Potter and the Texas Longhorns into her knitting.

Pixie Sticks
Novel knitting and salacious scuttlebutt. Or some variation thereof.

needle book
A blog dedicated to arts & crafts, created by a children's book illustrator. Includes illustration, knitting, sewing, embroidery, bead knitting, appliqué and crochet projects.

St. Purly Girl
Musings of a New England knitter transplanted to Utah

Kat Knits
a little place to write about knitting & other things that keep me busy in San Francisco, CA

Opera Yarns
The life and times of an aspicommunity opera singer who happens to be obsessed with knitting.

Albuquerque SnB
This group gets together every Tuesday to chat, eat, drink, and oh yeah, get crafty! If you knit, crochet, sew, spin, or something else that's fiber-related, you are more than welcome to join. The only ...

I'm a SnBer north of Seattle, WA, and am trying to start a SnB group at the Everett Mall Borders.

DIY Style
A (mostly) knitting blog by a music grad student at BGSU in Ohio.

nosierosie knits
Crafty blog about a crafty girl and her mishaps and misadventures

Sometimes life is so full of knit that you just gotta grab your sticks run for the corner and hit it!

The Chronicles Of Yarnia

Velma's World
Musings on life in the World o' Velma, behind the Redwood Curtain, land of wonderousness. Blogging on topics such as: Arcata, Humboldt, knitting, spinning, yarn, sarcasm, and yes, bacon.

Knitting in the desert
I'm a neonatal nurse practitioner who loves to knit and explore the desert South West.

I'm a knitter in Munich, Germany. I recently started my second knitting blog (the first one got too full).

Madison WI knitter, stitcher, bitcher.

Needles of Steel
Machine knitting and hand knitting in Central England

the knittingjourneyman with apprentices
A Place Where I Can Display and Discuss All The Work Done Between Myself and My Offspcommunity, As Well As Any of My Students Who Chose To Post Here

KnitWit Central
Knitting and musings of an upstate New Yorker. I need to create something on a regular basis, or I get really cranky. Knitting, hand dyeing yarn, crochet, digital photography are my main outlets. Now and ...

Yosemites Knitting Addiction
My obsession with knitting

Holding Patterns

Crafty Girl's Life
Chronicles of my craftiness.

Knitting in the San Francisco Bay Area

Lick My Sticks
Knitting, heavy metal, and the circus that is my life. I'm from Boston, but living on the South Coast of Massachusetts with my husband, daughter, and animals.

random thoughts
I love to knit... what more can i say! ;o)

Grad School Knitter
Knitting my way to a PhD!

My Creative Eye
This is a blog of my creative endevours 99.9% knitting and .01% stuff.

Horse Hound Knit Spin
Knitting, Spinning, and Riding Horses in Virginia.