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This community is for those people who attend Stitch 'n Bitch sessions or who knit in public and would like to hook up with other knitters around the world. Please include the state where you are from so others can see the online knitting community growing!!! : )!!!

The Knitty Knotty
Yarn Whores Unite! Blogging and rambling about all things crochet, my struggle to knit, and other random craftiness.

Zeneedle...it's the process
Knit Blogger from Utah who loves the process of knitting.

Elabeth Knits
The knitting and spinning blog of a girl with too much yarn and too little time.

Knit Butterflies
I'm just a girl from Michigan who's gone crazy about knitting! I started making cell-phone socks/holders/cases whatever you want to call them & couldn't stop! I'd love to find fun, simple new patterns ...

and knit our powers to the arms of peace
Stitching and Bitching in the Valley of the Sun!

My Best Friend's a Dork
A knitting blog shared by two friends. One in Indiana, the other in Iowa

Knit with love

knitting, felting, free patterns, etc.

Life and Knitting
I am a relatively new knitter but am thrilled to have finally found a passion that I am good at. I knit lots of baby items and may one day knit something for myself.

I knit !

knit at nite
some entries about knitting and family to keep myself motivated at projects and the daily grin -i mean grind.

Knottie Knitter

All about the Sami, a nomadic tribe of the Arctic Circle that is known for herding reindeer and unique knitted garments? No, just Sami in her little cyber-habitat with her knitting and musings.

Knitting & Beer
We are a group of artistic types in Vancouver, BC who also happen to knit. We usually meet in a bar that's halfway for all of us to knit and chat about writing and our other art projects. But when we blog, ...

Daily life in a family of four with three cats in Massachusetts.

Life in Cleveland
Blog about my life, my knitting obsession, and other things.

Chrissy's Random Life
My life of yarn, and knitting, and whatever I have time for afterwards. Lots and lots of sock knitting going on here.

garrison's garret
This is my site to describe my projects. i mainly spin but like all spinners we do somthing else or risk drowing in our own yarn. So i knit to. i also quilt and make art dolls but their not portable. ...

Liberty's Yarn

where I obsess about knitting.

I've recently restarted my blog to be a knitting blog. Updates and making my blog pretty are going sort of slow right now, as I only have dial up until this summer. I also stink at writing descripti ...

Knitting Zeal
The rantings of a stressed out therapist knitting her way to sanity in suburban Philadelphia, PA...and always with ZEAL!

My everlasting pursuit to prevent boredom...based in CT

Zarzuela Knits and Crochets
My blog about my knitting, crocheting and anything else I feel like ranting about. Located in Central NJ.

On the needles