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A community for owners of great Final Fantasy VII related shrines and fansites.

Abandoned Hope
A Vincent Valentine fan site with information, media, essays, fun, and more.

All Creation
Shrine to Yuffie Kisaragi, FF7's original ninjagirl.

A large tribute to everyone's favorite ex-SOLDIER, current lunatic.

Locked Heart
A large and long running shrine to the Final Fantasy VII heroine, Tifa.

My Light
A fairly big shrine dedicated to Aeris Gainsborough ... and her fast growing collection of stamps.

The longest running shrine to the dashing Rufus ShinRa of Final Fantasy VII. This site also houses the official Rufus ShinRa fanlisting.

Final Heaven

Fall of the Sky
A Newly Made Character Shrine to Zack Fair .

Endoresu Ai
A large website dedicated to Cloud and Aerith. Completed with information, media, editorials and much more.

Beauty and the Beast
Fan site and fanlisting for the Vincent/Tifa relationship.