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Abuse thrives in silence. This community is for any survivor and their SOs to speak out, break the silence, and expose not only the abusers, but the methodologies of abuse. By doing this, we gain strength and healing, and at the same time help reduce and prevent abuse by educating others.

The Will to Survive - Thrive
Personal writings of Survivor, before, ducommunity and after the trial of her abuser. Educate the public to the long lasting effects of sexual, physical and mental abuse of children. Break the cycle! Education ...

Survivors by Choice!
Dedicated to victims and survivors of abuse, this site details information, resources, poetry and my own story. There is also an eGroup and a community. Take care and stay safe....

Athena Survivors Anthology
This site is an anthology of poetry and writing by survivors of abuse. They have shared their writing to aid in the healing process of others.

Abuse resources, memorial, trauma information

My life. Being abused for 20+ years by alcoholic husbands. {;}{;}

No Skin
A case of father-daughter incest and its coverup by the psychiatric establishment, presented as a short story.{;}

Beneath The Covers...
A website dealing with issues that are 'beneath the covers' such as depression, self-harm, suicide and abuse. Includes a personal story, help section and poetry.

christian survivors ministries
Christian Survivors is an online support group that has become a home from home for many survivors! {;}A protected and moderated forum for survivors of all types of abuse, we provide a safe environent ...

A Remembrance
This is a memorial for all those who feel that, in being abused, they lost something or someone inside them. It is designed to be a memorial that will, in grieving the loss we may feel (especially those ...


Healing Our Lives
A site for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, including those with DID. Offers links to other various sites, message boards, and various writings.{;}

The Gathecommunity Place
The online home of our inner household, containing links, community, bookstore, message forums and, of course, pages about us.

Once Upon Opening Pandora's Box
This is my narrative about remembecommunity, understanding, and trying to recover from PTSD due to early childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, with the goal of helping other survivors and promoting ...

Out of the Abyss
Out of the Abyss is, in part, an expression of my journey of recovery from incest and child abuse. It includes my biography, art, and poetry; and writings that address the nature of abuse and the process ...

Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing
Ritual abuse information, resources, bibliography, library, articles, books, websites, conferences, and links; art and poetry by RA survivors; and much more.

~*~ By Angel Smile Net ~*~
{;}~*~By Angel Smile Net~*~ - is the inspicommunity site for people of different ages and cultures. {;}This is the starting point for several web realms created by me. {;}My Designs features my linkware ...

Gentle Touch's Web
Gentle Touch's Web is a lesbian owned website for ALL survivors of ALL forms of abuse to post their stories, writings,poetry and prose...graphic depiction and language, with warning postings..references ...

StrawberryJams' KIDS
My site has links, communitys, and information about children and their families. Missing, abused, murdered, endangered, sick children, and women.

Segnbora's Home
Six years of collected writings by one survivor, including a lot of personal essays and a bibliography of child abuse resourses for children.

Kali Munro, Self-Help Articles & Tips for Healing
Lots of resources for survivors of abuse including articles, self-help tips, self-quizzes, and inspirational quotes and poetry. Articles include helpful information about mother-daughter/son incest, male-to-male ...

Reaching for the light
It gives information about parts of the abuse (ritual) I had to go through but gives also information how to live with it a good and free life. I want to explain that it still is a good life, and worth ...

Oliveleaf: A Website of Healing
I have been in the community before, but could not re-access it when it changed. The website is about my experience with clergy abuse and attempting to support victims of abuse trauma globally, emmeshed ...

Little Cassy's Corner
{;} This is my story about surviving child sexual abuse commited by a brother. Poems from the heart to him as well as my family. Surviving an abusive marriage and finding love on the internet. Family ...

A Boy's Story
A flash animation portraying father-son incest and the intricicies involved including alcoholism, suicides and drug addiction. This is a success story of spiritually surviving incest.

Pinks World
we have mpd and are suvivors....we created this little site to show people a bit about us ....it is very real....there are triggers here so please becareful when looking around and make sure your safe ...