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This page has the communitys that I belong to on it. You will also find the links to my other pages on this page. The other pages include:my pets, my CHD, about me, pictures and many more. {;}

The BratCats
A comprehensive site for and about cats and home of The Top 50 Feline Sites List, The Bratcats Community, The Bridge Babies Memorial Community, and The Keeper Of The Stars Community. We are a family-friendly ...

Cats Unlimited! Home of 'The Herd'
{;}Meet the Herd of 15 (soon to be 16) cats! Read and/or submit poetry, caption cute Herd Pics. Join us for other kinds of kitty silliness as well! We also offer tips on how to tell if your cat is sick, ...

The Beer Bytch's Bar
Texas Pride, Texas Music, Texas Humor, Rednecks, Redneck Humor, cowboys, OKOM, Texas history, Irish Priide, Irish history, communitys, poetry, art, and my pets pics are on my friends pages because I love ...

Tabby for President
Tabby is running for the president of the U.S., with Goldie as her vice president! Their goal is to make sure all animals are treated well.

Iris & Fern's Fluffytails Website
Fun site with great photo's of the fluffy tailed trio. Sister cats Iris & Fern, plus shih tzu doggie Jazmyn. Read about their adventures. Find out what it takes to become a foster parent to a mom cat ...

Cats, Kittens and More
All the info you need to take care of your cat/kitten and more{;}

Welcome To My World Of Peace And Tranquility
Come meet my spirit guide - Brother Wolf and get your spirit totem. Join me in working to save Mother Earth and all her creatures. Meet my friends and animal friends. Also includes original poetry, dedication ...

{;}Read the horrible truth about medical experiments on helpless, innocent cats and dogs. Please sign the petition to save the lives of 120 cats and kittens, who are going to be injected with FIV virus ...

Shawnas Place
{;}Personal site of poetry, adoptions, and more. I believe in animal rights!!

Yorkie World
A great Dog/Yorkshire Terrier Page with lots of information, pictures and more! {;}

J & J's Angel Haven
J & J's Angel Haven is a pet memorial site. A place to have your fur baby remembered. {;}

My site is dedicated to animal & pets rights & causes. I offer awards, banner exchange & causes pages. {;}

Starz and Stripes-End Abuse
There are so many animals out there that don't ever get a good home! It is so sad because they have so much love to give. {;}

Midnight's Homepage
Come and visit my page and see my cute kitten pic's, I also have cat humour. A top 50 pet site list and lots more{;}

Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
About my four cats plus photos, stories, poems, health tip, graphics, animal welfare and anti-cruelty pages, and more.{;}

Sushi & Sashimi's Home Page
Just a homepage for the kitties.{;}

A site about stuff I care about. {;}

Jake's Page
{;}Jake's page has awards, links, communitys and a award you can win.

Queen Bitsy's Castle
This is an extensive site, featucommunity Queen Bitsy and her lackey, Samuall. There is much to explore there, and although it it primarily a humor site, it contains material of a serious nature as w ...

Salem Animal Rescue League
We are a no kill animal shelter in Salem New Hampshire. We provide loving homes for stray or abused cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.

Come visit Mille and read about her life in Denmark. We picked her in a shelter because she purred when we lifted her out of the cage and because of her curiosity... She gives back lots of love, - and ...

Lilley Pad Pets
If you love animals, please visit our pad. We were all adopted from our local animal shelter.{;}

Animal Rights Activist Resources
This site is dedicated to stopping animal abuse world wide. There are many links here to sites that speak out for all creatures. Also links to vegetarian, vegan & cruelty free sites. Save the animals ...

Purrfect Pets~Marvelous Meows
Two mommy kitties,Tiger and Baby,tell the story of how they and their 6 babies became one,big,happy family.Their babies tell about their life in the family.Memorial to 3 kitties,Heidi,Patches,Lucky and ...

Daisy's Universe
Meet Precious - My black and white kitty. She wants you to visit her wonderful links. You can win her award, and even adopt an angel kitty.

Brandi's World
A really cool site about my doggie brandi girl. I have alot of cool and informational links on my website. I have alot of communitys and information on spay/neutecommunity your pets as well as stopping ...

Luverboy and Salem's Kitty Condo
All about us. Come on into the Kitty Condo and meet Luverboy and Salem. We are two shorthair black kitties who are brofurs. We're in Ailurophilia. {;}

Hillside Pet Cemetery
{;}FREE Virtual Pet Cemetery for anyone who wishes to have a final resting place for their beloved pet. The website is of the highest quality and provides support for everyone. You can post your pets ...

Chappy's Place
Chappy's Place is a site about my "babies" (cats and dogs). It also has a bit about me and my husband.

The Amazing Max and Mitts!
The Amazing Max and Mitts, two terrific Canadian house cats with senses of humour! Read our musings and a little cat haiku, and see our adorable photos and java applets. We also have some {;}serious stuff...prayers ...

Three O' Clock Fairy
A SailorMoon SuperS movie site, with Peruru, humor, and other odds and ends! I support loving are animal friends:)! {;}

Sue's Furry Family: Rescue Page
Facts page on spay/neuter/shelter/rescue with poems.{;}

Kashmir Exotics
{;}A Site dedicated to Ladiluck's Ozzy & Careyata's Night Magic, along with My Girls Past and Present

Kitty Korner
a site featucommunity my two babies and many animal welfare links.{;}

Animals in Distress
An animal rescue charity in the northwest of England, with two sanctuaries. We have a 'Pet Memorial' section, FREE Electronic Greetings Cards for all occasions and offer three awards.{;}{;}

Justice for Lucy
This mirror site tells the story of Lisa Marie Tabor, a vet technician who saw Steven Ginsberg, a veterinarian in Kalamazoo, Michigan, abuse the animals that were placed in his care by unknowing clients. ...

Wonderful World of Animals
Here you will find stories of how my cat and dog were adopted, pet causes we believe in,{;}photos, links, awards to win and much more!{;}{;}

TexasPepper's Home Page
Family rated personal website with stories and pix of my 22 cats, both present and deeply missed, my kids, Texas, vegetarian recipes, causes, memorials and so much more.{;}

This site is maintained by my two furbabies "The Little Girl" and "Cybil". They keep me on my toes!{;}

Jacqlee (The Cat Lady)
My four rescued cats ~ Sam, Delilah, Isabella and Leslie Anne ~ all help me promote and support shelter adoption, spay/neuter, feral cat rescue and management, and kindness to all animals in general. ...

There Are No Ordinary Cats
Links to great cat homepages and official web sites including PETA and ASPCA. {;}

Breezy's World of Cats
Dedicated to my Harley who left his foot prints forever in our hearts !{;}{;}This is Harleys story through the eyes of his feline companions !{;}

Duke's Digs
A site dedicated to our family friend.{;}

Dedication to my cat and Animals rights

Heaven's Playground Pet Memorial
A place for grieving pet owners to post tributes, photos, and poems to departed pets. Register at Heaven's Playground and create a Memorial Page for your Pet. Message Board, Greeting Cards, and Postcards ...

Angels Chihuahuas
chihuahuas, cats, dogs, pomeranians, ferrets, sugar gliders.

Sarah's Kitties
Site all about my kitties. {;}

Horse Rescue 2000
Shepherd's Run Equine Rescue is a 501C non-profit horse rescue dedicated to saving abused, neglected, unwanted and medically needy horses, foals and ponies. Through donations and/or gifts to quality rescues ...

Harvesting Souls For Jesus Church
{;}A place to come and rest and to pray.