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This community is designed to bcommunity together yaoi and slash fansites. Be it a site devoted to bishounen, shounen-ai, or hardcore yaoi, all are welcome. If you ever saw a movie, or played a videogame, and felt that two male characters in that storyline belonged together, then this community is for you. Sites that feature yuri, or hentai are allowed as long as a strong yaoi or bishounen content is found.

Unlived Histories
Wander into the unlived histories of Lishy's Bishie Pad. There's fanfiction (yaoi and non), doujinshi, and general site craziness. Bishies are rampant, and more are making their way in each day! Submissions/suggestions ...

Rusty Love
Yaoi and Shonen Ai inspanish,image gallery,information and more stuff

Visions of the Inner Eye
A small spot for my Shinkidousenki Gundam Wing Yaoi and Shonen ai fanfictions. I also plan to soon have fics from "Gensomaiden Saiyuki", "Final Fantasy 8" and "Fushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play" as well. ...

Boxer & Rice - The Tales of 2 Princes (GohanxTrunks)
The greatest DBZ yaoi shrine dedicated to the paicommunity of Gohan and Trunks. As official archive of the GhxTr ml we have : {;}{;}Tons of cool fics & amazing fanarts, the best gohanxtrunks doujinshis, ...

Innocence Lost: Fushigi Yuugi Style
This Innocence Lost is the sister site to Innocence Lost: GW style. It includes a multiude of Fic's, Pictures, wallpapers, adoptions, and the home to Yaoi friendly.

Glamour Lust
Glamour Lust: An online comic about Life, Love, and The Creative Process. Okay, okay, it's just an excuse for us to put a couple of pretty winged faery boys together and watch them play. You don't have ...

Works of Winter
-Forloyn Winter's site author of Harry Potter Slash fanfiction along with Ultima Online fanfiction. Also hosts Original Fiction with Slash content by The Viper himself.

Hole To Hell
A yaoi/Slash site with a few different fandoms, mostly Harry Potter and FF8 tho.

+L'Ange Rose+
A place dedicated to Sha Gojyou. Cg-coorporation with Japanese. Love overflowing, contains an adult area. You are welcome...

The Nocturne
Desire. Sex. Blood. The game. The kill. In a post apocalyptic world, Weasel, a drug addicted hustler, meets Angelo and becomes a true "Child of the Night."

:::::Anonymous Manga : We can't even THINK straight!:::::
Not one... Not two... But three, yes THREE original shounen-ai webcomics! There's bishounen everywhere! "One and Only" tells of Ran's discovery that the one he's in love with is male. "CHARADE" is the ...

Too Soon to Tell
Original slashy vampire fics, gallery, and soon-to-be-up online yaoi manga. Updated very frequently!

Psychohippy Realm
An anime site "jack of all trades". The Psychohippy Realm features anime, shounen ai, yaoi, yuri, fanfiction, fanart, anime reviews, and more! Drop in and check it out!

Knights' Quarters
Shounen-ai / yaoi site with fanfics and art from RPGs, including older FFs (FF4, FF6), Suikoden, Chrono, Wild ARMs, Resident Evil and Castlevania series and Xenogears. Also, bishounen Winamp skins and ...

Noire Sensus
A yaoi/slash fan site with a huge fanfiction archive for the entire Final Fantasy series, Harry Potter, Fushigi Yuugi, Lord of the Communitys, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tekken, and more. Submissions accepted. ...

YFU (Yaoi Fans Union)
Home base for the Yaoi Fans Union. A message board where roleplaying, chatting, and obsessing is all quite welcome. Come and join the fun!

Moonlight Jewel
My site with original yaoi fiction as well as various types of fanfiction.

Miyu's Wolf Den
A site devoted to anime. I hope to have more fanfiction soon.

Twilight Garden
Shi Tiger's personal website of fanfiction, fanart, amvs, doujinshi, and more! Ushio and Tora, Gundam Wing, Monster Rancher, DBZ, Harry Potter, and Crossovers! Recommended fics from a variety of anime ...

BlackBolt's Dungeon
a german original-fic and -art archive :) only yaoi !