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Who could forget I Love Lucy and the endearing and wacky characters; Lucy, Ricky Ricardo, Ethel and Fred? This community is for those of us who love I Love Lucy and can't get enough!
For everything from episodes and DVDs to memorabilia and all things Lucille Ball, check us out. You'll find all kinds of interesting information and products and have a little fun too! So sit back, have a browse and prepare to be mesemerized by all things I Love Lucy.

I Love Lucy
This is THE place for fans of I Love Lucy! From Lucille Ball, Little Ricky, Desi Amaz, Lucy Ricardo, Vivian Vance to episodes,DVDs and more. I Love Lucy. Celebrating Fifty Years of Love and Laughter

I Love 'I Love Lucy'. You Love 'I Love Lucy'. We All Love 'I Love Lucy'!
I Love Lucy is still one of the best known shows in the world because the lovable and over all awesome Lucille Ball was a comedic genius whose crazy behavior was funny in any language whether you understood it or not, which explains why it was aired on TV from October 1951 through to May 1957. It ran for six consecutive seasons and was one of the most watched TV shows in US in four of those seasons and it received several nominations in various categories at the awards and won five of the Emmy awards. AND, in 2002 the show was ranked second out of the fifty top shows of all time.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and have never seen an episode; the series centered about the main character Lucy Ricardo, who was played by the actress Lucille Ball, and her husband Ricky Ricardo, who was played by the actor and her real life husband Desi Arnaz. The series was based on their life with their friends and relatives.  Lucy, the main character, is basically a strong willed gal who to get her own way does some very silly and cockamamie things which always ends up getting’ her into trouble. Ricky is an up and coming Cuban singer who finds out about his wife’s misadventures and problem which on occasion does test his patience. Part of what made the show so endearing was that Lucy and Ricky often used to play tricks on each other which the viewers loved and their real life chemistry and love was quite apparent in the show.

A fun little fact about the show; the original sponsor of the program was Philip Morris, a cigarette maker and this was utilized within the show—back when it wasn’t yet politically incorrect! The first scene of the show sees Lucy and Ricky climbing down a pack of Philip Morris cigarettes and they were both often filmed smoking in episodes.

The shows re-runs continue to rake in millions of dollars and marketing gimmicks and products like the ‘I Love Lucy’ Barbie doll, DVDs of the show and other goodies continue to keep Lucy in our hearts even though she passed away years ago. It is said that the show greatly influenced television trends and that Lucille Ball paved the way for women in comedy and in television. Her persona, ideas and business savvy helped make her an icon and definitely inspired many others along the way.

CBS home entertainment has released all the six season of the show on DVD and these can be found in most video stores, department stores and of course online. As a matter of fact, The internet is not only a great way to get your hand on I Love Lucy DVDs, pictures and memorabilia but also THE best place to find information about the show and its actors and even get in touch with other fans and sites dedicated to all things Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred! The more you watch I love Lucy the more you like it and grow to love it, cuz how can anyone not love I Love Lucy??