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Finally, an English Love Hina community. If you have a LH site, please join. ^_-

Motoko Chan's Temple
Message board for the fans of Love Hina.

Puffy Mushroom.com
A site all about the group known as Puffy Mushroom. Lots of Love Hina information, as well as manga/anime and video game information.

Ohanimi Paths
A site dedicated to Sailor Moon but with New Love Hina going up! I'm Obsessed with LH!

Tea House - Haruka Shrine
A shrine to Urashima Haruka from love Hina. Still needs a little cleaning up, but come by and have a visit~! *^_^*

FM Studios
I got some music videos I made that are available for download, though they're not all Love Hina, most are and I will be making them mostly using my favourite series!

Poke`Dude's Universe
I have lots of various stuff! However, most of it is Love Hina. Many people have acknowleged my site, and I highly suggest it.

The New Hinata-Sou
The Omega Triad Love Hina Site. Here you will find Love Hina information such as Character Bios and Story Line. It is just starting, but I hope it will be pretty good.

Baka Toudaisei
A Love Hina fansite with General information, detailed opinions, Multimedia, and free exclusive downloadable/printable Love Hina Calendars.

Shrine to Naru Narusegawa with image galleries, wallpapers, music, series synopsis, character analyses, links, lyrics, and more!

Childhood's Tranformation
A shrine to Kaolla Su, the happy and hyper dreamer

arrow signs -- tribute to maehara shinobu
A shrine to Maehara Shinobu of "Love Hina" with wallpapers, images, screens, and more. Shinobu, FIGHT! ^_^

Winter Wish
A site with major information for Love Hina, Inuyasha site and Flame of Recca site.

Site dedicated to only the best animes like: DBZ, Love Hina, Kenshin, etc. Info, pics, bios, polls, music, and more!