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A community for people who love The Lord of the Communitys and have a weblog

Ashes Fall
Yet another person site, except it's mine. Take a look if you want to fill your daily oddness quotient in one go. Haldir and Shinzon live on.

Wish with me
A blog that i update everyday. Mostly ramblings about life and events. One could find it very bocommunity or somewhat interesting...u never know.

Silmataures - the starlit Woods
This is my weblog for my LOTR-Fanfiction writing. German!

Teen Elf Girly
Personal blog of a teenage girl obsessed with LOTR, HP and acting.

In My Pocket
In a world of serious adults, can childlike innocence survive? Or will it succumb to cynicism?

Hollie's Weblog
Come find out for yourself.. I dare you! ;)

personal blog of Jenni, an isolated korean girl.

A lotr/anime fan's weblog ^^;