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A community for Lothlórien and the elves who live there, the Galadhrim

a tribute to Galadriel. Features writing, artwork, and a detailed biography and timeline.

This is just a site that me and my friend own. Has information of the three elvendoms and soon there is going to be a section for elves and after some time also some elvish phrases or then alot of the ...

Haldir's Realm with the Library of Lorien
Haldir's Realm is a SLASH site for Haldir and his Lothlorien elves. {;}The site contains {;}the SLASH Lorien fanfic archive Library of Lorien,{;}the SLASH Elven fanfic archive The Wicked Elf, {;}the ...

Elf on a Shelf
The best little aroma therapy shop in Rivendell ... fun stuff, galleries, articles, fic (no higher rating than PG-13). Whatever bores you - we got the remedy!

Eowyn's Musings
Eowyn's Musings features the writings of me, Eowyn. I'm writing both Lord of the Communitys and Harry Potter fanfic ... though currently I'm rather into my Haldir / Éowyn story. Eowyn's Musings also offers ...

~~> Magic Community
a little Site about The Lord of the Communitys.

Silver Tree: Portrait of an Elflord
A site dedicated to that most under-appreciated of elf-Lords, Celeborn of Lorien.{;}Fan fiction, essays and links

Galadriels Welt
Seite über Herr der Communitye allgemeine Informationen

Tori & Amethyst LOTR Website
Our website is devoted completely to the Lord of the Community Trilogy with much to offer: LOTR Postcards, and extensive gallery and so much more.{;}

Enchanting Nightingale
A site about the female elves of Middle earth; Luthien, Galadriel, Arwen and others. Also about the elven realms of Lothlorien and Rivendell.

Lord and Lady of the Galadhrim
A 'Celeborn and Galadriel' fanlisting.

The Golden Wood
lotr wallpapers and winamp skins featucommunity many characters, including the elves of the Galadhrim