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This community is designed for the friends of the famous russian camera, Lomo LC-A. Friends of the Smena and Holga, Woca, ActionSampler, SuperSampler, Pop9, Fed5 and all users of Digital Toycameras, Pencams and Webcams are welcome.

lomography, internet vision and web culture @ www.diemers.net - come and explore my lomographic universe.

lomo-spanish lomo-paella lomo-toros lomo-vino lomo-fiesta lomo-playa lomo-amigos lomo-sol lomo-vacaciones lomo-amigos lomo-experimentos

photograph taken while taking a walk by lomo smena8M,smena35,cyber sampler etc.{;}only in japanese ,sorry.

Renfield's Home Page
A brief look at Heaton Mersey, Stockport which is our home and also an ongoing archive of Lomographs!

Risa Rosine
Lomographies and more from Risa Rosine{;}

lomos lieben lernen leicht gemacht mit kitty und tanni

Just started sneaking out with my lomo, see this pics on my website.

my lomo life

My Beautiful Lomo
A web site by a Lomo addict living in Paris

a site of Japanese girl Kanako, about LOMO, travel and nail-art. My LOMO is Smena8 and 35 and photos are taken in Japan. Travel photos about India and Calgary.

I from Tokyo, Japan, and I love taking pictures. I use Lomo, Holga, Lubitel, and digital cameras. Please come, and take a look!!

gostar de
I'm a 20-year Japanese girl.{;}I love my lomo!{;}Would you come to my site?

-----> www. L O M O L C A .de
LOMOLCA - LOMO LC-A{;}LOMO-Homepage aus Hannover mit mehreren hundert LOMOs {;}Seiteninhalt:LOMO LC-A {;}Bilder - Links - Gästebuch - Technik - Bedienungsanleitung & mehr...........{;}LOMOLCA - LOMO LC-A{;}LOMO-page ...

idou syashin kan
travel photo{;}smena35&smena8

+++ lomo_thalasso +++
lomo graphy in my life at JAPAN,trip of hungry,Photo with words

It is Web site of my LOMO LC-A and LOMO LC-A HALF.{;}I display the photograph which I took with LOMO LC-A and LOMO LC-A HALF in my site.{;}And there is the corner where I commented on my LOMO LC-A HAL ...

art digital :: lomo :: photo{;}

kataan dot org
LOMOPix from the San Francisco bay area, home of the LOMO:SF photo group, and the LC-A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file.

out of foucs gallery
Everyone,what kind of photo turns u on?{;}You'll be able to find out it in my home page.{;}My HP is I took many pictures for LOMO,when have been traveling.{;}U can receive enthusiastic picture welcome.{;}It' ...

markh lomo artwork
Lomo wall and archive. Nature, night, funny, serious pictures and more...

People/No People
Art. Attitude. Atomic Love.

A girl and her little russian spy camera in Southern California.


Bottons & Snaps
random shots and views of a world that often defies description

one day