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Logo, the computer language for learners, is a full featured programming language used worldwide to teach math, programming and thinking skills. There is no limit to the types of programs that can be written using Logo but because it was developed with kids in mind it is very easy for novice programmers of all ages to get started. From simple graphics to complex simulations Logo will help you do it.

mulawa - Peter Hewitt's web site
1. Beginner's Logo Tutorial. 2. Microworlds Projects - Tutorials. 3. Some unusual Microworlds Projects - be amazed at what is possible.

Math Cats love MicroWorlds!
The interactive MicroWorlds projects at Math Cats include: math games and activities (such as multiplication, using money, explocommunity fractions), turtle geometry (including spiderweb stcommunity art, ...

Programming Language Logo in Croatia
In contrast to earlier programming languages, which emphasized arithmetic computation, Logo was designed to manipulate language- words and sentences.

Links and resources about LOGO, mainly, but not only, European.

Logo for all
Home of the "Tic Tac Toe" Logo tutorial

AJLogo- Logo Programming Gallery
Shows several images made with AJLogo. Another page will have general logo links.

Logo Club
The members of the Logo Club are the students from the school 550, St.Petersburg Russia.{;}Assignments, themes for discussions, projects' ideas and logo-projects have been posting there, as well as interesting ...

The StarLogoT language for macintosh computers enables novice programmers to construct models of complex phenomena. The StarLogoT software is freely downloadable from the site. Also incluided are a collection ...

Logo Users Community Home Page
Home page of the Logo Users Community. Community information and joining instructions.{;}

Logo Computer Programming Language for Learners
Logo information for teachers, parents and kids. MicroWorld projects you can run in your web browser. Other programming and educational links. Bookstore.{;}

Papy Logo
Programs, kid's productions, fractals, links, a Logo3d are here for you in french{;}

MicroWorlds - Digital Construction for Kids
The site provides background and examples of elementary students programming using MicroWorlds. There are sections on MicroWorlds and Logo history, A Brief Tutorial, and Student Examples which can be ...

Logo for 7th Grade Students
An excellent place to learn business and computer science skills. This educational site for middle school students has tons to offer to programmers using LOGO.

Benvenuti nel mondo MSWLogo
mswlogo for italian students and italian teachers

MicroWorlds in Action
MicroWorlds Logo resources: simple to challenging projects and lessons, FAQ, classroom integration

MSWlogo Programs by PHiLLIP KLiEWER
Different programs made in MSWlogo

logowriter and micromondes computing at school

Turtle Graphics
Many Logo examples to explore. Copy and paste directly into the XLogo application to run. Also, turtle graphics gallery, tutorials and information. Used by Multi Media students at West Thames College, ...

Berkeley Logo (UCBLogo)
Download the Berkeley Logo (UCBLogo) interpreter for Unix/Linux, MacOS, Windows, or DOS. Browse or download the three "Computer Science Logo Style" books (Copyright 1997, MIT Press).

Turtle Family Logo Page
A site with information for new and experienced Logo users. Ready to use handouts and activities are included.

A general collection of Logo worksheets and projects in the form of workbooks. Materiasl have been used with a range of pupils and students in UK schools and colleges.


Because I don't have a e-mail in www.crystal-objects.com

BENO logo files
Beno logo files includes a train simulator and a bus simulator

TurboTurtle Logo Compiler
Home page for the TurboTurtle project, a Logo compiler built for animations using OpenGL.