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Learn about ADD{;}Share your personal ADD stories

Asthma & Disability Site
This is an asthma & disability website. It also has info on the Breathing Easy Asthma List.

The Wonderful World of Wade
Life in General according to Wade

LD Resources Page
Resource links and a personal editorial

ADHD links
My list of ADHD site that I have found{;}

Our Add Page
Home Page of mother with ADD child

ADD/ADHD - This is a *dis*-ability?!?!?
Learning to live with ADD, ADHD and other disabilites or learning disorders and homeschooling your ADD/ADHD child.

The ADD/ADHD/LD Links & Resource Page
This page is totally dedicated to providing resources on ADD, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities. New resources are added as often as possible!

My communitys
My number is 70. I am grabbing the new community graphics. thought you might like to hear from me again.

Welcome to my ADD~venture
My site started out as just ADD/ADHD information, personal stories about living with ADD through the generations, and links to other ADD info. Since then it has grown to include many other things that ...

Coping with ADHD - A Team Effort
Raising a child with ADHD is quite a challenge. Every day is a new adventure. We have our good days and our bad days. Having a friend to share infomation, exchange ideas, discuss things, or just vent has ...

Zachary's Playroom
Site dedicated to my son Zachary who has ADD and possibly PDD.

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