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Click Member link to see site in tvMy Total Perspective Vortex
I am mother to Lil\\\'Bug, Wife to dearest husband, an English professor, a writer of three unfinished novels, and a half effort artist......we are unschooling our child and most of one of my blogs is ...

Our unschooling journey on and off of our farm.

Organic Learning
an ongoing record of our organic learning adventures

Unschooling mother of 4 on my life's journey to live sustainably and with integrity.

Dancing Chickens
Our journey of living, laughing, loving,and learning.

Daily Mind Wanders
This is a blog of my daily thoughts. I talk in most part about being a single mom and how I have been affected in my life. I give my opinions on things that just pop in my head that day. I speak of general ...

Twinkling Stars
This blog is a fragmented tale of our homeschooling journey. Join us as we explore, learn, live and grow together.

An Open Book
Psychotic ramblings, passionate opinions, deepening convictions, faithful friendships, an open heart.

Freckles Filled with Love
This is a blog about the Dorsey Family\'s adventures as they live their lives together.

Warts and all
A blog largely my life with my two children and my husband. It is also at its core about unschooling. And having gotten to go to this year's Live and Learn, well I got to shout about that, too.

Life, unschooling, musings, travelling stories, my awesome kids, craftiness, occasional whining (I try to keep that to a minimum)

Family of four living and learning together in San Diego. Come share the ride!

Life, the Universe and Unschooling
Our family unschooling blog

our joyful life
I've created this blog to share our life, our joyful life. Really, since becoming an unschooling family, about 6 years ago, I've seen such amazing, cool things unfold. Unschooling is a type of homeschooling ...

Live and Learn Blogs
The official home of the Live and Learn Blogs community.

LIFE with Granola*Girl*
Our homeschool is called LIFE Academy, LIFE is an acronym for Living In Freedom Everyday. Of all the homeschooling philosophies, unschooling fits us the best. All of my blog is dedicated to living the ...

The Joyful Mom
A blog about being joyful in everything

I Candy

Bean Mommy and the Three Beans
Our family's unschooled life

Love. Learn. Serve.
A family's journal as we love, learn, and serve.

Hummingbird Haven
Unschooling family living in Northeastern Florida

Tribute to Lisa Heyman (October 31, 1960 - February 25, 2008)
Celebrations of Lisa's Light and Life Through the Eyes of the People She Touched

Elementary Spirits
Day to day life of an unschooling family.

Blog of the Zombie Princess

My Little Slice of Heaven
Vignettes of a Life in Transition Living,learning,unschooling and deprogramming, in pursuit of the simple life.

The meandecommunitys of the Coleman family through a simple, free, life of discovery, closeness and imagination.

Record of the lives of the Jennings family, unschooling in Southern New Mexico.

a wooley mama in a lillyzoo

Dreamin\\\' Chil\\\'
A just begun blog (3 years ago) with a few tweaks made recently.

Random Rambles
Just me and my boy trying to find the happy balance of life and learning!

Red House Diaries
The inhabitants of Red House are enamored with the hidden things: house brownies sitting silently in kitchen corners, the soul's secret pinings, fairies in the garden, life inlying a seed, the creative ...

Our Journey Fantastic
A snapshot of our lives of unschooling, travel, love, and of course family. All things we consider Fantastic!!

The Purloined Letter
Quoth the Raven, "Think Some More!"

Homeschooling Mom Going Sane
This blog journals my very eclectic family's life as new homeschoolers learning as we go! There will often be some homeschooling resources, yoga, reiki and alternative spirituality thrown in along the ...

blips and glimpses of our unschooling journey

Ramblings of an Scattered Mom
This is my personal blog. Some about homeschooling, some about business. It all seems to run together most of the time. Enter at your own risk!

R-Vid Productions Animation Blog
Rambling about animation, making money from animation, animating techniques and much more.

Unschooling. Sustainable Living. Urban Homesteading. Organic Gardening. Random Thoughts.

ZZZ's Organic Everything
Organic Learning family in Southern Maryland.

Always changing, always growing - we're loving & living together.

Hibiscus and Jasmine
Lavender... Rosemary... Thyme... Thoughts

I'm a grown unschooler and this is my blog.

Black Locust Manor
An unschooling family's view from the trees.

Leaving the Gate Open
snippets from our unschooling life. Mom, Musa 12 and Retta 7.

Raising Explorers @ Wild Child Reserve
2 boys, a momma, a donkey daddy and grandpa dog.

school's out forever
our life, our way!! family, radical unschooling, living!!!

The Simple Life of the Kanes
A peak inside an average free living, unschooling family.

a hippie with a minivan...
Mama of three boys living in small town Québec. This blog is about my life... unschooling, breastfeeding, babyweacommunity,cooking, sewing, photography and well... life...

Living Without Limits
We are an unscooling family who sold it all and are living and learning on the road! Come see our adventures.

New Mama Hubbard
organically-minded poverty survival guide