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A community for bloggers who have attended one or more Live and Learn Conferences (or plan to attend L&L).

Learning Through Living
Unschooling family, living and learning in freedom.

A Life Full of Love, Laughter, Learning & Lots of Ice Cream!
Join us on our homeschool journey as we venture through life with our 3 little men, our many animals and our zest for quests!

A Journey of Joy
Thoughts on living an authentic (though often mundane) life through personal growth and unschooling.

Unschool Days
reflections of a former high school teacher now unschooling with her young daughter

living now
I created this site as a way to explain radical unschooling to my friends and family. Enjoy.

Our Unschooling Journey

Zenmomma's Garden
The pondecommunitys of an unschooling momma of two and wife to one, currently living in the beautiful Pacific northwest. My family is my spiritual center. We live and learn together.

Merriconeag - Place of Easy Pasage
A glimpse into the lives of a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling Mama, one bouncy 5 year old Bean and a little Love Bug!

Almost Always Hungry
I live and learn with my family in Chicago, where we are, literally and metaphorically, almost always hungry. Our days are filled with love, wonder, chaos and calm. Hopefully, my blog captures a little ...

Shuflin Along
My blog for photography, unschooling and more.

Joyfully Learning
Notes and observations about our family life as we go about living and learning and explocommunity.

Po Moyemu--In My Opinion
Personal blog about unschooling and homeschooling, gardening, food, nature, family, and some politics.

Meandecommunitys of Gentle Gull
I chose the name of the Blog in honor of my Indian ancestry. Sea Gull was the name my father gave me, Gentle Gull is the name my husband and children thought most befitting. This blog will be a place where ...

Homeschooling in New York City
What's it like to homeschool in New York City? The art, the theater, the culture, the toughest homeschool regulations in the country! Come join us on our awesome unschooling adventure!

Another Roadside Attraction

Living, Learning, and Evolving
Unschoolers Jennifer (mom), Seth (6), and Drew (9) from eastern NC.

Learning in the Unzone
Musings about our unschooled lives.

Open-Hearted Life

Joyful Liberation
journal of an unschooled family

A Happy Childhood Lasts Forever

How To Grow
Welcome to the random happenings of three quirky kids who got it honest from their quirky parents. We are unschoolers who vacilate from radical to sit-down-and-do-this, depending on the parental anxiety ...

Our family of Radical Unschoolers at Home. Center Down: to open the Spirit and experience the presence of God/Love/Universe/Light within. Let the other stuff fall away.

Harmony Valley Homeschool
We are a Waldorf inspired (UN)schooling family, we are learning from a multitude of real life experiences through singing, dancing, and working together on our farm. We will be journaling our experiences ...

Learning in Freedom
Learning in Freedom is a blog all about the learning adventures (and mishaps) of the Allen family. My four children are unschooled, following their interests and passions every day and living the lives ...

Wistful Wanderlust
Peaceful parenting, unschooling, and paradigm shifts - all in one place.