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Fanciful worlds of make-believe with large houses with rooms, lands of hills, valleys, tunnels, and caves waiting to be explored. Feeling adventurous?

The Gate
This is a place where you can find various cyberpets BUT they were not made by this webmaster so you have to go to the designated sites!!!

Come adopt a Dream Dragon for your site today! Persephone's sacred beasts need homes, and as a bonus, they will protect and bless your dreams.

From the owner of Misty Cyber Adoptions and Herds of Horses comes... ::drum roll:: LITEN'DYR home of many different microscopic animals. Due to offically open July 30th, 2001

Dragon Dream
This site is an adoption center for everyone! I have made sure to add in every fantasy creature i can think of for you to adopt! If i havent added every one i soon will! These critterz are made with love ...

Well you can adopt unique creatures for your webpage,

Adopt a Chibi Angel
Adopt a cute li'l Chibi Angel for your site...they come in 6 colours and they're looking for a home!

Silverwing Manor
This is a personal site of my own, looking to become something larger. Still under construction, it contains fantasy art, poetry, and faery folklore, and some personal stuff, too. It also contains links ...

Misty Cyber (Horse) Adoptions
Cyberpets made after the creatures I saw when I journeyed to planet Zelf! The Planet Zelf is in the galaxy of Myst which I founded and yet have yet to finish discovecommunity! Visit annually to find more ...

Krista's Whimseys
A celebration of love, beauty and magick. A pretty place to Adopt some wee folk, visit fae galleries, and learn about The Enchanted Charm Clique

Saliun Islands
Adopt three different creatures on five different islands and just have a good time!

Tyl'Drae - Through the Rainbow Portal
Tyl'Drae is a magical realm of fun and games, music and stories. There are many new friends to meet. Hope to see you soon.

The Golden Land of Fantasy
A collection of cute and very special cyberpets of all shapes and sizes. {;}Always adding on to it.

Space Dock 13
EelKat's Intergalactic Homebase. My personal web page about me, my life, pets, hobbies, town, causes I support, and anything else I might add in the future. Includes links to all my web sites, fanlistings, ...