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This community is for children 13 years of age and younger who have a web site of their own. It will be a community where children can surf freely and safely. They will find games to play, awards to win and much more! Won't you join us today?

Yasmin & Sydney's 1st Webpage
This is a site about me Yasmin and my little sister Sydney. Come and check us out and pay a visit. Our doggie is here too - he is a Web Westie!!

Lil Dolphin's Cove
My site is about Dolphins, whales, my poetry, and a lil about me too! Come on in and visit!

Ariel's Homepage
Come meet me and my brother and learn a little about autism.

Jessi's world
Visit 5 year old Jessi's webpages, with Winnie the Pooh, children's garden, interactive art, and pages for some of Jessi's friends

Hunter's World
A website that was made for me by my Mommy. I was born on June 2nd, 2000

Precious Treasures
a site for kids all over the world to be a part of!

Ryan's Room
The life of a 7 yr old boy. His likes, hobbies, kids links, adopted cyberpets and more to come!

Brittany's Hangout
A site about me with Blues Clues, Barbie and tons more fun stuff!

Stefie's Site
Its a Personal website about myself and my love for horses, I'm 10 years old and I'm from Belgium you can read my site in English and in Dutch.{;}You can also win my award

My space world filled with games,graphics,crafts,science projects,links and lots more.

The Little Star community home
This is where Little Star lives. I have a place where you can play some games. Lots will be added very soon!

Kelsey's Barbie Page
Please come and visit me and Barbie. I promise you'll have lots of fun, plus I have many exciting things to see. Come by and apply for my award! You won't wanna miss it!!!{;}{;} {;} {;}

Taylor Anne's Wizard of Oz
{;}Our site is about our Little Munchkin, family and the Wizard of Oz. We have several awards your little one can apply for too.{;}

Fontanakids Home Page
A site about Shauni, Kimberley, Harley and Ethan from Western Australia.

Paul's Playground
A website all about Paul, age 5 including pictures of him and his family. A fun site to visit with his own blog, latest drawing, socccer fun and ready for school.

Bran does America
Ramblings of a SAHM