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See how My Little Pony continues to woo little girls today as they did over 2 decades ago when they made their debut. This community is all about the popular little ponies and gives fans of all ages a fun place to find all kinds of neat things related to My Little Pony.
This is where you can find a vast My Little Pony Collection Inventory with a Complete Checklist of all US Ponies and Playsets and somuch more. Have a look around and see what wonders await  with just a few clicks!

My Little Pony Inventory and CowTown Collection.
My Little Pony Collection Inventory with a Complete Checklist of all US Ponies, Playsets. Littlest Pet Shop. 54 piece CowTown Figurine Collection in mint condition. Still in factory original packagin ...

My Little Pony - Toys from Yesterday and Today
Check out our My Little Pony Collection Inventory with a Complete Checklist of all US Ponies, Playsets and more!

My Little Pony - Teaching and Old Horse New Tricks
Remember My Little Pony? Most cartoons and toys from that time would be considered ‘retro’ now, but since in recent years My Little Pony has enjoyed a renewed success, it’s practically new again!

 Over the last twenty five years since their creation the toys, games and TV series their latest version has been a real improvement on the original idea. My little pony is a series of pony toys especially made for girls; they were manufactured by the famous toy producer Hasbro. My little pony hit the stores back in nineteen ninety three and became an instant winner they even out sold Barbie in their early collections. The original designed toy was made from 1983 till 1995, during this time a TV series was built around the ponies bring them to life for all the little girls who loved them. In 1986 a full length feature film based on ponies was released. The movie called; My Little Pony: a Movie was directed by Michael Joens. There were also a series of animation short films based on My little pony with the first one being; Rescue At Midnight Castle which aired in 1984.

The idea behind the films and TV shows was that there was a pony land which was full of magical creatures. Everyone that lived there was peaceful and played games and sang songs. The goblins who were the pony’s enemy tried to hurt the ponies. They even starred in their own feature length films which were a smash hit. In nineteen ninety seven My Little Pony was rebranded and re-launched on to the market and has out sold their previous records to date. In two thousand and eight, My Little Pony celebrated their twenty fifth birthday!

There were a variety of ponies available to buy when the ponies were first launched. Early in their production there were Earth ponies; Flutter pony, Windy wing and Summer ponies to name a few. They also had Sea ponies which resembled the Sea horse in style. Unicorn ponies were often most girls’ favorites which looked very much like the fabled creatures. Rainbow ponies were also added at a later date. They also had baby ponies which were available in Earth pony, Sea pony and Unicorn pony forms. The earlier baby ponies resembled their mother, smaller in size and also had soft fur instead of just plastic bodies. Later on these baby ponies were given an identity giving each pony an approximate age range; child ponies and teenager ponies. 

There were some ponies at the time that were only available through mail order in the US. These were unique ponies not available on the mass market and cost that little bit more; my first boy pony and lucky pony were just some of the ponies available. The company also developed international ponies naming each country with its very own pony. The majority of ponies were produced in factories which were based in France, Greece, Italy and Spain. In 1997, My Little Pony was re-launched which some people called ‘generation two’ or ‘friendship garden’ ponies. The third generation was launched in two 2003 which was called Ponyville. Within this generation some of the original ponies were re-released in different outfits and poses making them seem all fresh and new again. Gee, if only it were that easy for people!