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Written by Laura Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie was based on her Midwest childhood. The show still has  millions  of fans all over the world and this community gives them a place to come together and enjoy all things to do with the show and books.
Find Little House on the Prairie Information, Books, Photos, and DVD’s and more here. You can find episodes of the show as well as their movie and other great stuff here. Enjoy this Little House on the Praire community and all the memories it has to offer.

Little House on the Prairie
Written by Laura Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie was based on her Midwest childhood. Little House on the Prairie Information, Books, Photos, and DVD’s. Michael Landon starred as Charles Ingalls, ...

All Things Little House on the Prairie
Laura Ingalls Wilder is still in our hearts after all these years thanks to Little House on the Prairie reruns, books, DVDs and more. If you're a fan of the series or Melissa Gilbert or Michael Landon, ...

Little House on the Prairie: A Look Into One of TV's Best Loved Shows
People have mixed feelings about Little House on the Prairie; some found it endearing and just loved it while others just couldn’t get into it. I always thought it wasn’t my thing, but one afternoon I happened to find myself sitting watching a rerun when there was nothing else on and before I knew it I was sucked right into Laura Ingalls’s life and her love for Almanzo!

For those that don’t already know; Little House on the Prairie was a one hour TV drama series on NBC. It showed the struggle of Ingalls’s family to the harsh life of pioneers in 1800 in Kansas Plain. With the advancement of the series they prospered in new land but there were continuous challenges for them. The series aired from September 11, 1974 to March 21, 1983. The show was an adaptation of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s best series of Little House on the Prairie books and the character of Laura Ingalls was played by actress Melissa Gilbert who literally grew up on television playing the role of Laura from a little bucktoothed girl to a grown woman.

There were many episodes within the series and there were total of nine series of this show that aired. This was and still is one of the longest running family drama shows on television. Although, initially it was solely a drama but the series also had some comic moments and there were few characters added in the later shows that gave the TV series some extra flavor. There were episodes within the series that dealt with some ground breaking subjects especially when you consider that it was all set in the 1800s; things like rape, infidelity and more! Even the love story between little Laura and her ‘Manly’ Almanzo and all the groundbreaking issues couldn’t make it last forever and the ratings of this drama unfortunately began to get lower and lower which eventually led to the most famous drama of that time being cancelled in September of 1983. *sob*

Later on in some parts of the world the reruns of the show made the series famous once again. In some countries this drama is considered to be for adults only, in Finland they consider this drama to be only suitable for people over eighteen! Go figure!

Little House on the Prairie has enjoyed quite a bit of fame since it aired on TV mainly due to the everyday life, feel-good content that they covered which showed everyone that extreme hardship could be overcome and that at the end of the day everything is alright. It was aired as a family drama that the whole family could sit down together and enjoy it also won many awards and after only a few episodes of the series the main characters of ‘Laura’, ‘Charles’, ‘Caroline’ and ‘Mary’ became household names and almost felt like a part of our own families. In 1982 after the series had been cancelled it was aired again under a different title: Little house: A new beginning. Some of the avid viewers, who had read the original book on Ingalls family, thought that the drama was very weak in comparison to the book written by Laura Ingalls. There were some of the historical discrepancies in the drama, but at the end of the day, everyone enjoyed watching the show and still do thanks to syndication and Christian channels that still air the more wholesome than thou show…unless you’re in Finland.