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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Aumara Light & Healing Circle
A Place for Healing and Inspiration

Gaia Mind
a portal for Divine Mother Links and information about being in touch with your spiritual self.

The Long Island Mystic and Nazirene Disciple of TheWay
The Organizational HomePage of Allan Cronshaw -- the Long Island Mystic and Nazirene Disciple of TheWay -- who through the recall of his previous life as a Disciple of Messiah/Christ has restored the spiritual ...

Love and Light Bridge around the World
A Bridge around the World that connects in Love and Light. Information about healing, reiki, aura-soma, feng shui, energy, animal spirits, and well-known healers. Welcome!

Life: An Unfolding
This site features more than 1500 inspicommunity aphorisms accompanied by uplifting images and music.

Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Guidance, channeling the lighted ones with Pamela Rose, offecommunity paid and free services

An exploration of the divine feminine and a journey through this life.

Spirit Haven
An uplifting site dedicated to those wishing to better their lives through New Age Spirituality. Topics Include: Angles and Spirit Guides, Positive and Negitive Energy, Psychic Powers and Tarot Cards, ...

Beth's Page
Enlightened writings from angels of light.

Past Forward: Past Life Healing
At 250+ pages, Past Forward is the Biggest Site on Past Lives! Our FREE exercises can help you... Enjoy Vibrant Health! Become Richer! Know More Love! Heal Your Life NOW by Healing Past Lives!

World of Wolfspirit
ome on a mystical journey to The World of Wolfspirit. {;} Light your candle and follow me.....{;}Look over there are some mystical journeys where you can {;}visit Atlantis, Lemuria, or even go on a true ...

This website will not only be my an expression of my personal beliefs, but a shacommunity of my spirituality and experiences in the form of essays, prayers, guided visualizations, quotes, and inspirational ...

Tarot Of Timeless Truth
Explore the mystery and truth of the universe with the beautiful images of Tarot of Timeless Truth by Leila Vey. Access useful tarot resources and enjoy FREE READINGS with this enchanting tarot deck. The ...

Ranchito Orphanage & Spiritual School for Angels
Our mission is to provide a loving home where orphan and abandoned children can be raised in a safe, healthy, and spiritual environment. And to establish a residential school where these little angels ...

MBS Lightworking Center
We offer intuitive readings, healing sessions with Reiki and crystals, classes to encourage your spiritual health and personal well being and a prayer request center.

Thoughts In Verse Book One&Two
Thoughts In Verse..Books One&Two..A collection of poetry inspired by the Angelic/fantasy realms,written and presented by Barbara Jeffries-Taylor..Poems that has helped those that search for understanding, ...

AHAA! The Game of Alchemy
AHAA! The Alchemy Game. Play it is an insightful, fun way to realize your life purpose. The reading you receive is incredible!

Divine Love Light
Professional psychic readings and spell-casting services for love, money, luck and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

Bridge Home Page
Bridge Home page is for and about humans who have met/meet online in an IRC chatroom named #bridge who are seeking understanding about where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.

Daily Life As Spiritual Exercise
Daily life offers us the opportunity to grow in one of two ways; better or worse. Which way are you growing?

Talking To Spirit
New Channeling every day from Guides and Folk in Spirit. A refreshing and sometimes humorous look at valid advice for everybody. Channeled readings available.

Dream blog of a self-awareness seeker. I discuss dreams, lucid dreaming, OBEs & astral projection, meditation, psychology, healing, society and current events.

Things of Spirit
Our Aim This page has been created by people dedicated to personal development and well being in the Shepparton region. Our aim is to give easy access to information relating to workshops and ...

Shooting Stars
This page intends to get into your heart, showing you the beautiful things life has to offer

Sacred Spaces
Rev. DebraRae is owner of Sacred Spaces, a center for spiritual growth and psychic development. This site includes information about Rev. DebraRae, Sacred Spaces, readings and healings as well as classes ...

Reiki Learning Center
Usui Reiki natural healing method which promotes deep healing relaxation, facilitating healing on all levels- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Located in beautiful Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona, ...

Steppin Out Designs
Offecommunity amazing handcrafted bracelets of imported, meaningful beads from around the world, and t-shirts with a global message of harmony and acceptance. What Would Buddha Say? ...

Clairvoyant Readings & Healings
Clairvoyant Readings & Healings meant to empower people. Also inspirational channeling from the divine. Helpful links to aid people on a spiritual path or in need of self healing.

Awakening the soul within !
Awakening is a site full of heartfelt stories, online bibles, online bible studies, veggie recipes, health info links and a message board too. More to come soon

Atlantis Rising's Reiki-Seichem
Atlantis Rising - What is Reiki, The history of Reiki, Reiki-Seichem, Komyo Reiki, Gendai Reiki, Reiki & Seichem classes, Distance Reiki & Seichem training, Egyptian Cartouche Initiations, Angel Initiations, ...

The Earth Angel Connection
Personal web site dedicated to energy healing, crystal healing, power animals, inspirational poetry written by self and others, healing from abuse, angelic intervention.

At a bend in the path Connector awaits..Connector is master, guide,friend,child, or a book

\'tween: The Art of Healing in Love and Light
\'tween is here to help you on your spiritual/ascension/red path offecommunity Spiritual Life Readings/Healing Work either by phone or in a sacred Sedona red rock experience, Inspicommunity Articles and ...

angelwing nursery
many gifts have been given to me by God and I use each one with pride...

The LightWay Home
We are a small community which I hope grows into a much larger source of information and friendship. We have information of all kinds ranging from Angels to Walk-in\'s *and just about everything inbetween* ...

Lawanna Gardens Reiki and Ascension
Ascension activation website, including spiritual healing, courses for Reiki and ascension activation.

An Leoht
A spiritual website that offers articles and meditations for working on both your Light self and Shadow self, as well as tarot readings and forums on many New Age topics. There is a great deal of information ...

The Writings of David Reid Lowell
Channeled information that encompasses a wide range of materials and embodies a unique simplicity affirming that we are reflections of perfection in living flesh, designed to manifest this perfection through ...

The Life Intended
A clairaudient spiritual seeker shares personal stories, general observations and angelic guidance as he seeks to find and achieve his highest life goals and lessons.

Evolved Being
Energy healer, shaman assists in: Spiritual Activation, Transformation Spiritual Attunement, Enlightenment, Awaken consciousness, build Merkaba, Spiritual ascension process. Sacred Wells Australian ...

Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Information - My Search for the Truth
There is a lot of great spiritual information throughout this site on wide-ranging subjects related to spiritual guidance such as yoga, meditation, chakras, past life regression, spirit world, life after ...

Mystic Journeys
Mystic Journeys- Asheville, NC Metaphysical Books, Gifts, In Person and Telephone Psychic Readings, and Healing Center. 828 253 4272

within without
existential insights, spiritual reflections, clarity upon life issues

DreamSpirit Insights
At DreamSpirit Insights we provide Emotional & Spiritual Balancing, Healing Energy, Reiki,La Ho Chi,Reflexologoy, Shamanism, Crystal Healing to aid in your emotional & physical healing toward Spirit. Aromatherapy ...

The Psychic Roadshow
The Psychic Roadshow is a spiritually themed entertainment revue that travels around the country bcommunitying with it some of the land's finest psychics. At every show, two psychics perform for two ...

Spiritual teachers
A compilation of the teachings of some of world's most remarkable souls about our real nature. Each teaching provides a unique path that comes from the same collective source of Truth.

Spiritualist Messenger
Learn to become a Spiritual Messenger and enjoy the rewards that only Light Workers understand.

The Sons Of The Law Of One
Unveiling Creation. Audio podcast of material on the nature of the universe. A multitude of sources are telling us the same wonderful information. This planet is the focus of the Universe for this transition. ...

Jennifer Pastiloff Private Yoga Instruction Santa Monica & Los Angeles Westside
Private yoga instruction in your home or location-comfort & convenience!

The Reality of Mind - A Gallery of Dreams
Surreal posters created with the intent of realizing the visionary world of the imaginative faculties. These are the dreams and visions of a solitary life. I deal with Jungian thought and Surrealist ideals. ...