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If you're tackling the difficult task of losing weight and keeping an ACTIVE journal or blog about it, this community's for you. Those without a sense of humor need not apply. Commerical sites not accepted. Sites that are not updated at least weekly will be removed.

The Adventures of Shrinking Girl
A record of my journey to find a smaller version of myself.

Fat to Thin
23, married, losing weight everyday!

Journey To Fitness: A Weight Loss Blog
Journey to fitness: A weight loss blog.

Thinking Thin
My journey towards changing not just my body but my mind and the way I live. A transformation from the inside out!

Scale Whore: a day in the life
I swear she calls my name, tempting me with numbers and then just when she's got me where she wants, naked standing on her cold black surface, she laughs as she spits out the number of the day.

Do you have that in my size???
My quest to lose weight, get fit, finish my first marathon, and not lose my sense of humor!

Downward Journey
Losing weight through weight-training and eating more than I ever have before in my life. What a kick!

reneegetsfit.com - a weight loss blog
Documenting my journey to lose 50 pounds by the end of 2005.

The Starting Line
A new runner's goals, hopes, aches, pains, injuries, flubs, side stitches, shin splints and other such pleasantries.

In Thickness & In Health
We are a married couple who are sick of being fat. Come and check out our "combined" efforts.

Nothing Tastes As Good
The journey of a displaced Southerner toward healthy weight loss and fit living.

The Temptations and Frustrations of a Dieting Momma
My blog where I journal about my weight loss journey and post tips & recipes I'm finding along the way