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Click Member link to see site in tvLYING FOR EMPIRE
The sight is related to my latest book LYING FOR EMPIRE: HOW TO COMMIT WAR CRIMES WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, published by Common Courage Press, released Aug. 15/05. It proves that 8 presidents since WW II ...

Combat Philosophy
The ravings and pointings of an angry poet and Veteran who wants to convince everyone to Impeach that fool texan and speak the truth loudly about the right and their agenda.

Puffins on the Rocks
Puffins on the Rocks invites exchange of thoughts on a range of topics, not all with the stereotypical liberal slant. It's a good place for thoughtful folk who are horrified at Bush et al to gather.

my liberal times
personal thoughts and comments on a liberal from germany who works for a german ngo in the philippines that aims at promoting liberal politics in this country and the south east asian region.

NorCal Progressive
News, Muse & Snark for the great North Valley of California

Bitch | Lab
Bitch | Lab: Politics, culture, feminism, economics, and small business ownership refracted through the life of one mouthy broad.

Infinite Wisdom
Progressive leaning political commentary with opinions on government, current events, economics, and social issues

Comments on current events and issues. Written by a liberal yankee trapped in a red state.

Limerick Savant
Dedicated to no-nonsense nonsense: Satirical commentary on recent news, politics, celebrity, film, music, books and contemporary culture in the form of limerick poetry.

Pat's Real Deal Blog
Like just about every other Liberal blog out there, This blog is an effort to stop the spin machine of the Republican party & its corporate media allies and challenge spoon-fed thinkers who are merely ...

No Blood for Hubris
Freestyle liberalesque, socio-political blog avec a modicum of snark.

A Mad Democrat
A liberal democrat who is fed up with the left, the right, and everything in between and is speaking his mind about it.

The Activist
Encouraging active participation in political and economic issues: globalisation, Western economic imperialism, oppression, injustice.

Bush is a Dope
Anti-Bush discussions. Anti-Bush T-Shirts by lengendary Rock T-Shirt designer Bobby Eisenberg.

Liberal Canada
liberal canada

The Otter King

A Little Hazy/Forecasts for America

Thirty Dollar Watch
Things I find interesting and political nonsense that pisses me off.

The Indisputable Truth
A compendium of angry diatribes. Not loyal to any party lines but generally liberal in viewpoint, we cast an objective eye on all sides to an issue.

The Romantic Hellion

Things To Do In England When You're Dead
Maybe I have ideas above my station applying for this community, but hear me outů I see so much hypocrisy in the world, rampant fundamentalism and idiots winning. I follow the news, and if I had less Funk, ...

The Infomat
A site with unique analysis and interesting ideas.

The Self-loathing Liberal
Cynical ramblings from a liberal fed up with being treated like an American pariah.

Stacey's Panic Room
A panic room is a place to get away from danger, or in my case, the insanity of the world: especially from the debacle that is the Bush Administration (though my post topics are not limited to such.) This ...

Musings on politics, culture, law and motherhood from a political mom

The Deseret Spectacle
From inside the reddest state in the union, we discuss the spectacle that is Utah Politics and Culture.

Cooper's Thought
A comedic progressive sight, that insightfully shows when someone is right or wrong.

It Must Begin
Remembecommunity that The Future is a true reality, we must identify aspects of Today that must be addressed and find a way to address them. We must remember that violence and coersion lead only to more ...

The Dead Issue
The Dead Issue; Discussing All of the Day's Dead Issues

Last Left Turn Before Hooterville
Welcome to Hooterville - a place where things look simple, but they're not...like they ought to make sense, but they don't. Here in Hooterville, once again the chickens have voted for Col. Sanders. After ...

A Blog of 2 Witches
2 women, friends for nearly 20 years blog about life and family, hearth and home, parenting marriage and Paganism

Cause for Concern
There is a Cause for Concern in America, whether discussing the government or our personal and consumer rights. Revolution or open discussion, we need change. Liberal and snarky, now with bad words! ...

Commentary on art, politics, the environment and culture.

Ananse: Cultural and Political Expression
A liberal minded young woman's unqualified thoughts on politics and culture.

Liberal Tendencies
A place to share and discuss links to current events and charitable opportunities. Yes, the author of this blog does lean liberal but that does not mean this blog is only about politics and it does not ...

A blog containing commentary on various issues

Frank- The Political Progressive

Common Sense...Strangely Lacking
Rants and raves from a guy who's sick of the goings on in the US.

Twenty Minutes Rendezvous
A blog about what its like to be liberal in a republican city while at the same time attempting to graduate from college with a degree in English. Topics often covered are women's rights, animal rights, ...

The Red Hibiscus
Poetry. Poetics. Poets. Reviews. Questions. Ideas.

Geopolitics without the B.S.
Comments on the world's powers complicated games, without the B.S. I hate everyone, so i do not keep one eye shut, to see only the good side of those i support. Both eyes are open - you're welcome to check ...

Mullin's World
A critical look at U.S. politics, the world and the environment.

My 2 Cents
The insane, quite often inane rantings of a queer Liberal in Seattle.

The Outlook of a Liberal Veteran
My liberal views on a variety of topics with some emphasis on my home state (SC) and a review of the journal I kept ducommunity my Iraq deployment.

The Left Wing Conservative
This is an Internet Only Radio & TV show for the average Pat. Advocating for the vast majority of us who, contrary to the beliefs of the Republican Party, DO NOT own our own home and/or business and MUST ...

Journeys with Jood
Politics, art, travel, humor

The Liberal Democratic party of the United States
The Liberal Democratic Party of the United States.

Electric Feel
Random Leftist Junk from an iPhone Junkie. Political commentary, social commentary and good ole random rambling. Republicans need not apply.

The Progressive Pen
News and Opinion from a liberal progressive's perspective.

Palintology.tv: Satirizing Sarah Science
A satirical website devoted to Sarah Palin, her views on science, and her inevitable 2012 presidential run.