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come and pat my pointy head{;}

Jottings of an academic mom on religion, politics and culture in America.

Thinking Out Loud
One road warrior's journey through airports, and the encounters he makes with people in towns large and small

wicked thoughts
feminist, artist & fat activist.

Ashes Fall
This is a blog style site thing. It's just like all the others out there, except it's mine. If you want to fill your daily oddness quota all in one go, take a look.

The Answer Guy Online
A website devoted to, well, whatever I feel like writing about that day. Observations on politics/current events, entertainment, sports, and trivia competitions.

What You Can Get Away With
"Do not adjust your mind. It is reality that is malfunctioning."

Ursula's Not So Secret History
The inner thoughts of a 30-something single gal living in Chicago, Illinois.

the loquacious one
everyday i see something in the news that outrages me and i need to write about it. this blog seems as good a place as any.

The Partially Clothed Civil Servants
The cerebral diarrhoea of a young liberal’s mind.

Philosopher's Stone
Political and philosophical analysis/criticism, with minor amounts of personal discussion

We Are All Volunteers in This Army
A site with a message of peace and related personal stories of war and peace from the mother of a soldier in Iraq.

My obvervations on the political climate right now. I am a liberal and this journal is a place for me to make sense of it all. I post articles that come my way with my commentary, as well as book reviews, ...

My 95 Theses
Rants against the Bush Administration and Hollywood.

The Black Jewish Experience
How often do you get this mix? And being Black and Jewish, how could I not be a liberal? This site is dedicated to explocommunity some of the intricacies of being Black and Jewish as well as some political ...

Here's What's Left
Progressive rantings, ravings and other assorted sanity.

Clever Minx
Liberal independent feminist researches issues and bitches about life and the assholes who surround her.

Brilliant at Breakfast
...because everyone is entitled to my opinion.

A Tepid Sense of an Intrepid Destiny
Do you ever want to rip your skin off because of the way the Bush administration handles itself and treats the general public like drooling morons... come on down.

Left is Right
Liberal/progressive rants.

D. Dagger Presents...
...music, movies, MP3's, thoughts, likes, hates, and other writings for urban gourmets. All in an easy to read, unpretentious, ultra left wing blog.

Wyre Forest Liberals
Liberal Council Group in Wyre Forest and other things that kinda find their way in...

Right to Be Left
Yet another site filled with random thoughts about the minutia of life - television, politics, and other dreadful things.

Love, Peace, and the Occasional Kicking of Ass

The Virginia Progressive
Daily commentary on the state of progressive politics in the commonwealth of Virgina.

kat ness monster
liberal + art + freedom of speech

The View From The Bottom
Jim Ippolito’s writing features humorous and scathing social commentary, political satire, and exposes. Keep tabs on your government’s excesses and how Corporate America manages to be Washington’s favorite ...

Confessions of a Hug Slut
i ramble about things - music, books, websites, photography, depression, love, knowledge, culture, vodka, hugs, and other such things.

CountryMouse's Diary
My ramblings about my site, my daily life, teddy bears and other stuffed animals, my poetry, photography, and more! Also there is a link to my LiveJournal. I tend to rant more over in my LiveJournal about ...

International House of Dan
A liberal, unemployed law school grad provides insight on international law and politics, current affairs, sports, etc.

The Situation Room
Political analysis and strategy by a disappointed volunteer for Howard Dean.

More than meets the eye
Personal thoughts about issues and my life

Our Voice
This is a california blog from a liberal-minded teenager with a socialist bend. I like to write, read, and listen to music, and I have a variety of other non-academic interests.

Women's Autonomy&Sexual Sovereignty Movements
A very Liberal, provocatively Feminist, and vehemently Pro-women's-reproductive-rights blog.

The Intolerable Banality of Evil
Politics, Life & Art: The Devil is in the Details An uncomfortably close look at the Human Condition

Democratic Left Infoasis
news, views and information on issues and events concerning peace, justice, freedom, democracy and the environment

The Armchair Stonellectual
breaking open the progressive mind

J's Political Thoughts
With for more years of W, I'm gonna have a lot to complain about.

Parodies Lost
Parody is dead when the best TV news is John Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” Bush cuts the budget by adding trillions in new costs, Democrats call for fiscal restraint, businesses bemoan new regulations created ...

Georgia Progressive
The rantings of a progressive southerner imprisoned in a red state.

Links to the news that crosses the desk of an Episcopal priest, full time activist -- with the occasion comment, reflection, or rant thrown in.

The World and Everything in It
No one has a monopoly on the truth. I am part of the silent majority whose voice is never heard amongst the shouts of the extremists. Not anymore.

The random scribblings of a Southern radical lesbian feminist.

Lives of the Saints
"Freedom vs. Faith in Post-Liberty America" Dedicated to the fight against those who would use faith to deny the freedoms of others.

Conservatives Just Don't Get It.


jameslambjr.com is a political, pop culture, headline news, and personal blog that that provides original commentary from a left-of-center African American iconoclast without remorse, pity, or sorrow.

Rainbow Wind
An activist blog for Lesbigay/TG Pagans and their friends.

a quiet room
ponders, rants and queries; the thoughts of a twenty-something Ph.D. student on politics, current events, literature and philosophy

blog alice
a site of my musings on current events and politics, with a splash of reality