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Pretty self-explanitory, a community for liberal bloggers.

The Lovable Liberal
An unabashedly liberal commentary on the day's political news.

Gem Island Politics
A site by 17 year old Nik Davila with rants about attacks against Democrats. The "Democrat Defense Center Express" debunks attacks against top democrats while Nik works a on website debunking right-wing ...

The Beekeeper\'s Apprentice - The World At Large
Welcome to my world of true American Values such as equality for all, freedom of speech, freedom from religious persecution, freedom from the whims of the anti-progress party (formerly known as the conservative ...

when you're not around threesomes aren't normal
'm 22, a first year PhD student, but I wonder whether I should quit to become an activist every other day. I'm bisexual, feminist, agnostic/atheist (depending upon epistemological view I'm thinking about ...

Slightly Left of Center
The view from slightly left of center: observations on life and current events from a reality-based human being.

Rummy's Diaries
An archive of information on human rights abuses, prisoner abuse, and torture committed by the Coalition of the Willing in the Global War on Terror.

The Moderate Liberal
I'm a liberal because I believe all people deserve liberty, because I believe real problems can be solved, because I believe concentrated power must be held in check no matter in what form it takes and ...

Godless Liberal Homo
I am a homo. That is a good thing. I am a liberal. That is a good thing. Everyone is godless. I belong to the minority that has figured this ou

Musings on reading, writing, thinking & being Integrating the personal, political & spiritual in the 21st century.Book reviews, commentary, observations, rants, poetry & personal journaling of a woman ...

I started this blog to discuss my malaise over the crushing defeat we Democrats suffered in the 2004 election. I want to discuss where we are and what we need to do to reemerge as a strong political force ...

Honest Abe's Somewhat Honest Blog
I am interested in American foreign policy, so I sometimes post some thoughts on that. I also write things about Canadian politics, Japanese politics, sex, feminism, stuff like that.

Ang's Weird Ideas
A mix of current events and parents who shouldn't be with a dash of craziness and for some fun a little sexual frustration thrown in.

flip SIDE down
Emotional responses to unbearable circumstances.

Losing My Perspicacity
A perfectly cromulent blog for politics, career, life, family, and complete non sequiturs.

Pepe Hlessi
Pepe Hlessi is a site designed to act as a forum for progressives who want to have intelligent discourse regarding the current state of America.

Great Minnesota Progressive Newswire
This site is a place to discuss from a progressive viewpoint national security, voting rights, civil liberties, collective bargaining,social justice and ideas that are important for our future both as ...

A satirical re-write of today's news emphasizing the politically ironic. Social criticism, unmasking Conservative motives and hypocrisies.

Proud Liberal
Site dedicated to taking back liberalism. We have allowed Conservatives to define us for too long. They have made liberal a bad word. It's time to define ourselves, be proud of being liberal and take ...

Modern Fabulousity
A search for genuine genius in an uninspired age.

The Wounded Liberal
A look at the political process these days and why the Republicans seem to own it.

big bloo sky
politics & pop culture

zenophobia: enlightened fear
Observations of the ordinarily bizarre world of Journalistic reporting, religious zealotry and evolution news.

Personal weblog. I like to rant about games, college admissions, and occasionally politics.

The Plot Thickens...
Kitka, a mother of two and a person seeking contentment. This may be a journal of my journey from working mother to a mother staying at home with her children and writing a book. But I never imagined that ...

Brian's Study Breaks
General thoughts on the politics and culture of the Middle East, with occasional reflections on politics, literature, or anything else that interests me