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Click Member link to see site in tvAdventures in Asia
A kindergarten teacher who is tired of her students saying zzzzz and spelling colour without the u.

anny purls
The knitting triumphs (and disasters)of a new suburban mom.

cosmicpluto knits!
adventures of a knitting-obsessed student.

Musings on language, Old English, music, and food.

Snow Jinni
Personal blog of someone who's curious about all things to do with writing, and who gets a great deal of amusement from strange and wonderful language errors.

domestic affair
redefining domesticity with ramblings and stories related to knitting, vegan cooking, with some zine and candian indie music talk thrown in for good measure.

living together on aylmer street
A blog about co-operative living in Peterborough Ontario. Here's a collection of vignettes and rants about, and inspired by, our community here on Aylmer St. We'll share stories of our feasting, frolicing, ...

it's not all black & white but it's indigo -- weblog of Oceanwind Knits designer, Lori Law.

Canadian Expatriates: The Expat Blog
Canadian Expatriates is an online community of Canadians living abroad. This site features links to useful online resources; a discussion forum; blogrolls linking to both Canadian expatriate blogs and ...

Paws for Effect

sheepless in suburbia...
... diary of an urban shepherd.

i like to knit and think about math.
In which I post about knitting and life as a math student and the frustrations inherent therein.

just some babblings about my life and crafty things

Food and Yarn
Knitting, spinning and dyeing adventures with a dash of food.

Blog of My Ugly Sweater: PhD candidate, former art-historian, current cultural studies junkie, attender of protests, lover of indiepop, parent to my cats, my dog, my chubby fish, partner of two star, maker ...

Kitten Yarns & Crafts
My newish blog dedicated to my knitting and crafts.

Celtic Knitter
A Celtic-Canadian Knitter who is obsessed with knitting! I am Canadian! (centre, neighbour, colour, etc . . . )

I'm a university student at York, trying to knit as much as I can. I'm also a full time caregiver ducommunity the summer.

life as i know it...
life as i know it... the blog of a 20-something Canadian gal who's interested in music, movies, politics, the law, travel, and general silliness.

By Hook or By Crook
Hooks, pointy sticks and what I do with them.

She's foxy and crafty
Crafty like a fox.

She Knits Too
So many projects ... so little time ..... my adventures in knitting, crochet & sewing all while trying to raise my family and keep my sanity ...

Knitting is my Boyfriend
The knitting/life blog of a 20-something graduate student in Ottawa, Ontario. And knitting is my boyfriend.

Two Sticks and Some Stcommunity !
A blog of lace knitting, personal and political rants, and an assortment of oddities produced by post-migraine endorphines.

To Knit is Divine
My random ramblings about knitting and whatever else comes to mind

quelle erqsome
Shacked up in London with my rockstar boyfriend, I knit, cook, edit and read. But not strictly in that order.

Crafting Morrighana

Her Majesty Knits
Knitting and occasional Canadian political commentary

Sel and Poivre Knits
An avid knitter from the 80's just trying to catch up

She's Foxy and Crafty
Steph knits, crochets, quilts and does other things too.

Caledonia Quilter
A professional quilter in rural Ontario.

Mariah Cooks
Given today's economy, it makes financial sense to eat in but that doesn't mean that you have to break the bank for ingredients and tools or spend hours slaving over a stove and trying to figure out complicated ...

Myfanwy's journal
Knitting and Thinking and Wishing