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A Community designed especially for those Fairies, Wee Ones, Quills, and Spirits of The Site Fights team, The Legends.

Eternal Moon Spirit
My Site Fights spirit page. Come and check out my Sailor Moon realm while you are here!

Mistress of Mischief Design
DErin's creative site =)

Lady GlitterDreams's Realm
My Legendary Home on the Web...come take a look around, and get to know the lady behind the wings *S*

*Celtic Stars*
just my little site!! ;)

liNdz's hOmE~*
This site is appart of the Legends Team in The Site Fights Competition. I have my live journal, good links, and other fun stuff on this site. Hope it is enjoyed.

Whispecommunity Winds
You have been caught by the whispecommunity winds of Wee One Whisper or other known as D'SilverWhisper. Follow the breeze and you will find your way through whispers, giggles and magic...{;}{;}{;}

Faery Garden of Dreams
Spirit of the SiteFights! Love of faeries, mermaids, poems, my favorite holidays.....and some art I've created.