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Click Member link to see site in tvMormonism: Fact Over Fiction
Mormonism - Fact Over Fiction is a blog intended to post the facts of LDS doctrine in order to answer questions of those who oppose the LDS church and its members. These groups usually bacommunity false ...

Thoughts on LDS
My commentary on the Book of Mormon and other LDS gospel principles.

LDS Writers Blogck
There\'s a group of new LDS writers on the block. This blog details our struggle in our quest to become published in the LDS market.

Rebecca Talley Writes
Rebecca Talley blogs about writing, raising a large family, and living the gospel.

A Writer's Ramblings
The ramblings of writer Karen E. Hoover

A Ton of Authors and a Wannabe
Over twenty authors and one wannabe author write about books, family, life etc.

Because of You
Because life is sometimes overwhelming, how to deal with it and still stay strong

I Heart My Shoes - Scribbling about Life and Love*
Shoes. Love. Life. Remember: Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life*

Live the Momment
lighthouse picture- live the momment

It's Hard to be Perfect
Not just your professional blog as usual. Just mine for me. Comments are welcomed.

LDS Artist
The work of LDS artist Lori Nawyn with links to her scrapbooking papers and projects.

Hearts and Hands: The Blog

In, But Not Of, the World
My sisters and I share our thoughts, feelings and ideas about being, and becoming, women of God rather than women of the world.

The Hoyts
A moment in my life

The Crafty Homemaker
The life adventures of a crafty Homemaker!

The Bingham Diaries
this is my life. I write the real, the true, the naughty, the nice, and sometimes horrific happenings of my day. I promise that all events took place exactly as I said, except for when I'm exagerrating. ...

Scribbled Scraps

From Where I Sit
The thoughts of a Mormon mother and author on LDS thought, writing, publishing, life and simply staying sane, especially in finding balance between what we know we should do and what we want to do.

In The Doghouse
Ramblings of a lover of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Present "Institute" instructor, turned "Hubpage" author, publishing my passion, which is my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently I am ...


all that glitters may not be gold, but at least it contains free electrons
life, crafts, gardening, and nerds. cool ones, of course.

The Jensen's
Hi, this is our little Idaho family blog. We love life, our religion, family, and fun.

My Time to Blossom
A life coach, entrepreneur, and mother of 5 will inspire you to be your best.

View From The Grove
Crazy SAHM mom shares all her opinions and daily activities.

THOUGHTSKOTO - LDS Couple living in Saudi Arabia blog
Filipino LDS Couples Blog, living in Saudi Arabia. Thoughts and Musings about Life and Love, Trials and Challenges, Faith and Hope.

heather Justesen
I'll talk about my yard my birds, my writing and anything else that catches my fancy.

Modern Molly Mormon
An LDS blog geared towards women of the Church, converts and those interested in the LDS culture.

House of Howes
Life and Times of the Howes'

The Fronk Family
Keeping up to date with our family and friends!

Relishing Motherhood
An LDS homeschooling mom who writes about the joys of mothecommunity, the struggles of mothecommunity, and everything in between. Good food is generally involved, as I don't know any other way!

A collection of things from Yesterday... My creative, sewing, crafting, cooking, journaling, and inspirations blog An LDS girls blog magazine

My Three Sons
happenings in the life of a typical LDS family with 3 boys

Bill's LDS Blog
A blog of my personal thoughts and opinions mostly from the standpoint as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Butter cream
A blog all about my love of decorating cakes!

Write Up My Alley by C.L. Beck
C.L. Beck's thoughts on the humorous side of life ... dedicated to helping you put a smile in your day.

A Well Behaved Mormon Woman
I enjoy writing about Mormonism, women and family life. I am an active LDS woman, who considers herself to be quite well behaved... most of the time:-)

Geneva Spcommunitys
Come join our discussions on skin problems (such as eczema) and products made by Geneva Spcommunitys! Come find solutions and give suggestions.

Clemz Clozet
A peek at the life of a small LDS family, with a mom who is frugal, a clozet crafter and wic dipper(candle lover).

2 Kids and Tired Book Reviews
A tired mom who loves to read and book reviews always follow! Iím not a professional book reviewer by any means. I just like to read and I figured it would be fun to keep track of the books Iíve read and ...

2 Kids and Tired Cooks
A tired mom who shares the recipes I make regularly and the new ones I try. Food categories include: Mexican, Italian, Asian, casseroles, soups and stews, cookies, cakes, appetizers, chocolate, desserts, ...

Pink, Purple, and Anything
A young mother's blog about anything, and everything....

The Totally Sweet Life of Cody

Life's Sweet Passions
From books and music to recipes and sewing, this blog has it all; an eclectic mix of life's sweet passions.

motherhood a la Colombiana
Our day to day life, combine with random thoughts and philosophical musings.

pressed down and shaken together
LDS mother of 5 writes odes to her children, musings on motherhood, and notes from the underworld.

a 10 cow woman
Am I really a 10 cow woman? Like many you, I am striving to be a better mother, wife, friend, lover, daughter, citizen, accountant, cook, planner, maid, Christian, nutritist, educator, political activist, ...

Sister Sara Elizabeth: The Mormon Nun
A blog of my sister's adventures ducommunity her mission to the Chicago North area.

Mama's Nut House
The crazy world of a single, homeschooling mama. Come learn and discuss topics such as: homeschooling, baking bread, Once-a-month/bulk cooking, making soap, sewing, what food storage is and how to start ...

"temporarily dysfunctional..."
A LDS mother of 10 and grandmother of 19 (going on 20 - smile) "If you can't beat 'em...." Blogging seems to fall into that catagory! There always seems to be some little tidbit of interest... something ...

Fit for Service
Inspired by the "Pursuit of Excellence" pamphlet published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Fit for Service aims to bcommunity Sisters closer to Christ through "personal growth and ...