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Click Member link to see site in tvChocolate on my Cranium
A place where I can share my ideas for family home evening, homeschooling, family life and anything else that suits my fancy.

Soccermom Sagas

While my blog is dedicated to my family journal I have fun tutorials that I release each Friday for doing fun stuff to your girls hair. Hope you have fun visiting my sight!

A Secret Garden Grows Here
This is my family blog where I share my crafts, family life, and it acts somewhat like my photo diary.

Day of Praise
A celebration of Praise, Worship and Gratitude ".....SHOUT ALOUD FOR JOY." (D&C 109:80) Alleluia !!!! I will make today A Day of Praise, Lift my voice and sing Your name, For the glory of heaven, The mercy ...

The Last Word

Christine Kersey, Author of LDS Fiction
This site is written by a writer of LDS fiction and discusses writing, and any other topic that comes to the author's mind.

Linda Adams, Author, Editor, Singer/Songwriter
Official Blog page of Linda Adams, LDS Author, Editor, Singer/Songwriter

Hoffman Family
Come keep up on what's happening with our family.

Gamila's Review
Book Reviews of LDS and Young Adult Fiction.

Rachelle's Writing Spot
Rachelle's Writing Spot is a blog based on my quest to become a published author.

Happy Gilmores
I'm just a happy Mormon boy living up in the beauty of Wyoming. This blog is made up of random thoughts and happenings in my life.

Balancing life in the everyday world with writing in the fantasy one.

Where oh where has my mind gone today
random musings from my mind. Basically I write whatever is on my mind at the moment...

Baby Steps
Working on learning to homeschool my children & take beautiful pictures of whatever I can get in front of my camera. Havin' a blast!

Kimberley's Wandecommunitys
A blog about writing and publishing in the mainstream and LDS world. I have several YA novels with Knopf and Avon, and I do lots of Author visits in schools along with an amazing Writing Workshop for kids. ...

Janibraskas Daily Treasures
Daily Life of Family, crafts, recipes and treasures shared.

Life Goes On

Wanderer in a Strange Land
A meandecommunity blog, winding through such subjects as are on the mind of your typical LDS homeschooling naturalized American who was raised as a British army brat in a Catholic convent.

I write about life, specifically life in the South, life as a wife/mother, life as part of a member of a very large crazy family, & life as a Mormon among Baptists. I try to find humor in life, that way ...

Treasure The Little Things
A peek at my life as a wife and mother.

Janet 's blog
Janet's blog

Tangled Words and Dreams
Random thoughts from an LDS writer

Cranberry Corner
musings on mothecommunity, step-mothecommunity, marriage, the gospel, homeschooling, and self-improvement.

Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off
Primarily about the writing and publication of my first book, "Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off - Volume I" - a collection of first-person short stories detailing my growing up on a remote Canadian ...

Heartprint University QT
Bcommunity healing to home and hearth . . . "In order for consciousness to effect matter, it must take place on a quantum or sub-atomic level . . ." Deepak Chopra

Chocolate Daydreams
Saving the world one chocolate at a time...an LDS mom and her slightly skewed thoughts on living, loving, and laughing.

Magic Valley Mormon

27 And Sometimes On Tuesdays
As a warning I created this blog to satisfy my more random moods. So if you are looking for some terribly interesting blog, that stimulates your dazzling intellect I am sorry, you should probably look ...

Savor This Moment
The life and times of the Bidia family in the middle of Missouri, USA.

Alienated Wannabe
Utah political commentary with a sense of humor, more than a dash of irony, and lots of moral fiber. (Yes, I suppliment my Republican family values with Western Family Rasin Bran to find just the right ...

The Dance
I used to dance to music, on a dance floor. Now I have kids and a mortgage, but still I dance.

. . . by Candace
Candace E. Salima is excited to announce the launch of a new line of fragrances called . . . by Candace. Perfumes, lotions, body washes and bubble baths have long been favorites of mine. But finding a ...

Scott Smith Photography
This is the blog of Scott Smith Photography, a premier photograper in the Utah area. Come by and see my work.

Tristi's Challenges
A place for like-minded individuals to meet together and share their ups and downs as they work on writing their novels and/or losing weight. Author Tristi Pinkston shares her triumphs and her valleys ...

I Knew I Could Fly
Where global author L.S. Keilbart posts her thoughts on our journey through life. Come on in . . . this is a very safe place to stop and visit.

Valuable Assets
A collection of thoughts about the things that we find valuable.

Views From Hobbit Hole
Reviews of books, movies and anything else.

Janette Rallison Blog
The glamorous world of teen fiction, and other reasons I became an author . . .

My life by gogogoff
My life

Write Bravely
A blog about the writing life.

One Scrapper's Existence

Pondecommunitys From Idaho by Peterson
Living in Idaho is great! With my job I have the chance to travel around Southern Idaho and see the sights and meet the people. I live right outside Boise, but commute there everyday. The rustic state ...

The Grumblings of a Geek
Welcome to the Blog that time and most people have forgot. Or Never visited... or never heard of, etc, etc. This blog is a place of peace and serenity that will always be calm, cool, and collected. It ...

Beacon of Hope
A site to go for the upside of life....well, most of the time. :D It includes thoughts, stories, and real life adventures in the life of an LDS mother of five boys.

Mom Interrupted

Writings and Musings of Paul West
Welcome to my writer's web log site. Here is where one may become acquainted with me through my musings and writing.

Strong and Immovable

Somewhere North of the Rainbow
LDS author Katie Parker shares her thoughts and observations on church, life, and, well, other stuff.

Random Thoughts From the Archives of a Frazzled Mind