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Click Member link to see site in tvBitácora jurídica
Spanish blawg by jsanchod.com. Weblog on Spanish legal issues by a law student and legal translator.

Rogue Slayer Law Student Movie Fan
Movie and TV commentary, random thoughts on life, law school and world events.

Mark Lyon: A Mississippi Law Student
Harvard Law School reject Mark Lyon shares his journey through a lesser known law school.

Ava Rice's Law Sloth
Daily rantings of a vulgar Columbia 2L

this little life of mine
I'm a 38-year old paralegal living in California. This is my life.

Jim\'s Polka
Words of a software engineer soon to become a law student

In-House Trials & Tribs
Where In-House lawyers, young and old, come to berate, educate, proliferate, placate, and commiserate on the Trials and Tribulations of In-House lawyecommunity.

The 3L Word
A Look on the Left Side

Chris Rush Cohen
I post about IP & cyberlaw issues, tech news, and NYC. I am a law student at the Benjamin N. Carodzo School of Law (3L) in NYC.

Blaw Blaw Blawg
A Blawg and a Blog for information, discussion, comments, questions, and snide comments about legal issues of interest primarily to SMALL BUSINESSES, ENTREPRENEURS, and TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES (computer, ...

Investigate THIS!
Attorneys' knowledge base of investigations. News, views and tools from a PI.

Res Ipsa Loquitur
"The thing speaks for itself" law student with left deviationist tendencies commenting on school, the law, and the random events of my life

Articles on lawyer advertising including branding, vanity phone numbers, ethics, TV, radio, billboards, yellow page directories, Internet lawyer directories, and your own web site.

opinion and news on concerns of lawyers about their personal lives: achieving balance, harmony, quality of life while maintaining professional excellence

Effortlessly Perfect
Effortlessly Perfect is about women's challenges in the legal profession and the pressure they are under to look as if everything they do is effortlessly perfect

Ninowatch: Bcommunitying You All Things Scalia
Repository of Justice Scalia news, judicial opinions, and commentary. Maintained by Mercer Law School librarian, Jim Walsh

This web log shall glean how contemporary society is being affected by the legal intrusiveness resulting from our forgetting "Don't Make A Federal Case Out Of It." This forgetting has made the fall of ...

i want more to be said to me than just orange.
the personal blog of a third year harvard law student.

Automatic Say
A weblawg devoted to bankruptcy law, legal issues and politics, focusing on the Fifth Circuit and Texas.

Cook County Personal Injury Lawyer
Kenneth J. Fleischer is a lawyer in Cook County. He works as part of a team, concentrating his practice in representing personal injury victims in Cook County, Chicago, and Will County. He is well-respected ...

Aspicommunity Solo
This site is of interest to those thinking about law school, current law school students, and recent graduates who may one day wish to be solo practioners.

De lege agraria nova
Agricultural, Environmental and Food Laws Blawg from Portugal, Brasil and other Portuguese-Speaking Countries

California Appellate Report
Commentary on recent California appellate and Ninth Circuit cases by Professor Shaun Martin of the University of San Diego School of Law.

Dangerous Proximity to Success
1L at Hastings learning the law in the Tenderloin.

The Neutral Zone Trap

Un blague
The distracted musings of a non-traditional law student as she slogs and blogs through school.

digital pocket

Construction Attorney Blog
A legal blog concerning construction issues for architects, contractors and owners

That's a Lawsuit
A soon to be 1L at Brooklyn Law.

Directory of Law Firms
The Directory of Law Firms was created to act as a resource for people wishing to easily and efficiently find lawyers, attorneys, and law firms in the United States.

Penetrating Armenian
Armo culture meets fagdom in America.

Mediation Mensch
Strategies and advice about how to build a profitable mediation business from a workplace mediator and former attorney. Learn secrets from innovative practice leaders in our exclusive Trailblazer Interview ...

Sean Y. Palmer's Texas Family Law Resource
Sean Y. Palmer's Texas Family Law Resource has been designed as (perhaps) Texas' First COMPREHENSIVE Family Law Blog. I plan to address all the major topics in family law. I will be explocommunity ...

Unused & Probably Unusable
"U&PU is a general-topic blawg. Topics will also include linguistics, politics, philosophy, literature, and, occasionally, Other Things. Read, share, and enjoy. Some rights reserved."

The Magical Gravel Pit
A law student's observations on school, transfecommunity schools, international law, politics, and some venting.

Frequent Citation
The musings and misadventures of a would-be lawyer: from her choice of law school to... who knows? Full of drama, suspense, and comedy, with dashes of reflection.

Actualité juridique du droit maritime
Journal en ligne consacré aux activités de la mer Maritime law newspaper

Space Law Probe
Not for lawyers and space tourists only.

Diary of a UK Law Student
Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Euro Law Aktuelle Entwicklungen im europäischen Wettbewerbs-, IP- und IT-Recht
A blog in German on recent developments in EU and EC competition/antitrust law, IP law, and IT law. Made by a Swiss lawyer based in Brussels.

Legal Assistance
The blog of a criminal law legal assistant in Texas

Blood Legal
One lesbian vampire's first year at law school.

haw haw law
yet another portal through which a law student gets the privelege of venting re: trials and tribulations of law life. The hawhawlaw difference? For every one bit of law, there will be 2 haws (i.e. h ...

Space Law Probe
Not for lawyers and space tourists only.

Stay Classy, Kansas City
Nothing like beginning your legal career in a vaguely familiar city. I'm from Omaha, went to law school in northwest Ohio, and am now employed for a large company in Kansas City, Missouri. Go figure.. ...

Law & Justice
This blog is about "law and justice" in the broad sense. Posts are written in Dutch and/or English. The focus is on Flanders, Wallonia, Belgium , the European Union and the EU member states. You'll find ...

Nutritional and Dietary Supplement Law Blog
The legal weblog devoted to litigation and regulation of dietary supplements and the law.

Gaming Law International
gaming law international

Negligent Use of a Dangerous Mind
Some of it's about law school, but mostly it's me writing about whatever pops into my head (a) while I'm in class, (b) while I'm in the library, or (c) while I'm at home and am watching TV instead of doing ...

plastic flowers falling trees
my life at law school.not reasonable. not prudent.