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{;} In Re: is a blog regarding law (especially relating to media, communications, trademark, copyright, First Amendment, criminal, and "federal" law), cinema, society, and life!{;}

SW Virginia law blog
{;}Law news and developments of interest to (at least one) Southwest Virginia lawyer

Sugar, Mr. Poon?
Random ramblings of a moderately liberal law student... law, golf, politics, sports, pop culture, inanity... now with pictures.{;}

Decnavda's Dialectic
Come for the Tax Court Opinion Blog, stay for the incoherent rantings of a madman. {;}

The Weblog at the End of The World
Lawyer, author and philosopher, David Koepsell's, musings on the state of the nation.

Screaming Bean
A law student's raving lunacies brought on by idiots, traffic, and legal writing projects.

The frightening consequences of electroshock therapy
I'm a public interest attorney working in the northeast. My journal is more about my personal life but I occasionally discuss legal issues and the problems I deal with at work.

Blonde Justice
Life, and other things, from a (blonde)criminal defense lawyer.

iBusiness Law info
Law for iBusinesses and the people who love (or are dogged by) them. Internet law topics include domain names, CDA issues, jurisdiction, and online contracts. {;}{;}

Dylan Goes to Law School
After 10 years in the computer world I'm headed off to law school.

A Taxing Blog
A Tax Policy Blog.{;}

The Academy
Just a place where several recent law school graduates get together and chew the fat, legal and otherwise.

Mixtape Marathon
Essays about law school and life in my early 20's.{;}

Law v. Life
Online ramblings from an Ohio State law student - class of 2005. This way I can talk about law school and not drive away all of the non-law people in my life!

Just Opinions
Commentary and columns about politics, law, and society -- from a young, liberal perspective. {;}

Internet Law Blog
A Blog for those interested in Computer, Technology and Internet Law{;}

Abstract Appeal
{;}The First Web Log Devoted to Florida Law and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

in pari delicto
ramblings from yet another law student about the law, technology, and the world

2L or not 2L
blog of 2L life in the Rocky Mountains{;}

The Mommy Blawg
The Intersection of Mommyhood and the Law

Patterico's Pontifications
Harangues that just make sense.

The creditwrench blong bcommunitys lively discussion and comment on credit and legal related issues dealing with credit and debt.{;}

A Benefits and ERISA Law Commentary and News Filter{;}{;}

The Curmudgeonly Clerk
The unsolicited caveats, commentaries, and criticisms of a federal law clerk

The Limit of its Logic
Cogent analysis of legal decisions, commentary, and issues.

Legal References.
A blog coverence libraries, reference, technology, and etcetera etcetera.{;}

{;}CaffMonster, a subsidiary of Madpercolator productions, tries to keep up with everything relevent in news and devlopments relating to politics, foreign policy, law, and entertainment.

Scrivener's Error
Law and reality in publishing (seldom the same thing!) from the author's side of the slush pile{;}

Biting Tongue
Unspoken words of a 1L-to-be.

American Lawyer in a Japanese Law Office
This is a daily journal of an American lawyer in a Japanese law office. It discusses life in Japan and various law and culture related issues.{;}

Legal Memo-Random
Motto: Legal Bits in Non Legalese Bites; Site looks at legal happenings and delves into politics and economics, but only when the writer feels like it.

The Blog, called BizLawTech, will include pointers to recent legal decisions and developments of interest, my own musings on issues of law and technology, and announcements of programs here at Touro. ...

The Blogbook
An open source project for readers and writers of law-oriented blogs intended to facilitate discussions around the technical, stylistic and ethical components of legal blogging.{;}

in pari delicto
musings and photos about the law, judaism, culture, and life

New England School of Law OUTLaws
News and information of interest for the New England School of Law Outlaws, and other members and supporters of the GLBT law school community at large.

Wiggin and Dana's Franchise Law Blog
The web's first blog devoted to franchise law and franchise news.

Neo Tokyo Times
It's a blog by a pre-law. "It's smart, funny, and self-depricating," raves Neo Tokyo Times Editor.

American Constitution Society of New England School of Law
News, information and discussion of interest to the ACS of NESL, other ACS members, and to anyone with a progressive vision of the Constitution, the law and the courts. We welcome intelligent discussion ...

annika's journal
politics, poetry, law and pop culture by a conservative chick in the belly of the beast

New Orleans and Louisiana Law Forum
The purpose of this new blog is to create a modern forum for attorneys in New Orleans and across Louisiana to review and discuss legal news, practice tips, and legal planning for businesses in Louisiana ...

Employed At Will
This weblog focuses on employment law issues and developments, the practice of law, human resources management, employment-related articles, books and websites and industrial and organizational psychology ...

Scouting the world of Spyware and the Law

California Divorce Weblog
California Divorce is your source for news and information about divorce, particularly California divorce. California Divorce is published by John E. Harding, J.D., a California lawyer with expertise in ...

Attentions & Distractions
Attention to and distractions from a law student's studies.

The Unreasonable Man
A soon to be 1L provides his insights into the process of applying, being accepted, selecting, and attending law school... as well as his personal slant on selected current events.

Sports Law Blog
All things legal relating to the sports world

Report From Counsel
commentary on civil litigation, personal injury and insurance claims, and small business advisory, primarily in Ohio.

Forestty Law Blog
Blog devoted to forestry legal issues in Canada, with a particular emphasis in British Columbia

Aviation Law Discussions
A site devoted to aviation law issues and topics.

Knowledge Aforethought: Thinking about how legal knowledge workers collect, and then connect, the dots
Knowledge Aforethought offers news and commentary on the knowledge process, from how legal knowledge workers gather information to how they communicate what they know.