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Click Member link to see site in tvNaked Drinking Coffee
Me, life, school, law, and all rantings that I deem appropriate

Privacy Spot
News, commentary and resources about current privacy law and data protection topics and issues.

The EEJD Blog - Where Law and Technology Intersect: Providing news and commentary on technology, science, and the law.

The Common Scold
Monica Bay, editor of Law Technology News, pontificates on legal technology, law firm management and the New York Yankees

San Diego Personal Injury Attorney
This site provides the latest news, cases and law changes regarding personal injury and auto accidents in California and San Diego.

De Novo
De Novo is a legally inclined group blog featucommunity a continuin series of symposia about relevant legal topics. To participate, submit your on-topic thoughts to submit-at-blogdenovo.org.

South Texas Law Professor
Daily Reactions and Musings from an Assistant Professor at South Texas College of Law

Life for a lady lawyer

On Firm Ground
I am a third year litigation associate at a small media/entertainment law firm in New York City. After two years at one of the largest firms in the city, I escaped to a saner and more rewarding environment. ...

The Advertising Law Blog
Covers advertising law with a focus on trademark law, copyright law, marketing, and regulation and enforcement form the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Federal Communications ...

The Alia Blawg
Law, Politics, Religion, and Other Things.


Compiled Stats on Selected Firms
This page compiles various AmLaw and Vault firm rankings (2004-2005) into one table per market. More research information on the way.

The Importance Of...
The intersection of law, technology and policy focusing on their impacts on creativity and innovation.

An Aussie in Japan
The random thoughts and diary entries of an Australian law graduate (Sydney Uni) prepacommunity to undertake a LLM at Tokyo University.

Begging the Question
Milbarge and Fitz-Hume discuss law, politics, and pop culture.

Queen's Law Life
Resources and personal experiences for students interested in law school.

May It Please the Court
This blog features daily legal news and observations and the occasional oddball case. {;} {;} {;}Let me know if you need anything else. We would really appreciate it if you would add this feed to your ...

Focusing on the medical record privacy and security provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996{;}

Patent Attorney Axel H Horns' Blog on Intellectual Property Law covers relevant topics from a European perspective.

I respectfully dissent
Random thoughts, ramblings and rants about things legal, illegal, tortious, outrageous and otherwise.

News, opinions, and commentary from a second year law student at UNC.

tecnologías de la información
{;}Site dedicated to the world of law relating to information technologies (IT) on Spain

jurabilis - German IP / IT Lawyer's Blawg (German, partly English)
German bLAWg on law and technology, e-commerce, intellectual property and - last, but not least - law students' and legal clerks' issues.{;}

Delaware Law Office
News, thoughts, and musings from a general practice law firm in Delaware. We often write about Delaware, but also include opinions on technology, business, and whatever else captures our imaginations. ...

{;}First Amendment and Media Law, including libel, privacy, newsgathecommunity and intellectual property.

Obiter Tacetum
A chronichle of things perhaps better left unsaid

With karate I'll kick your ass
{;}Mostly random thoughts. Some politics content. Much Israel thought. Bukkake, Doug Christie, Triumph, and Sports Guy all make appearances.

Votelaw -- Law & Politics
Comments on the intersection of law and politics -- voting rights, redistricting, elections, and campaign finance -- from a practitioner.

First year lawstudent who still believes there is no such thing as truth.... only art and lies{;}

Gideon's Promise
{;}The Musings of a New Orleans Criminal Defense lawyer

the beginnings of a law career: a young graduate student at a midwestern university applies to law school. the blog'll keep you posted on the rest.{;}

The blog of a young government appellate attorney, with a minor focus on environmental cases.

Intel Dump
Near real-time analysis and commentary from Phil Carter, a former Army officer, journalist and law student.

Out-of-the-Box Lawyecommunity
What's this weblog – blog – blawg – all about? It's about creativity – how lawyers have come up with unusual solutions in their practices. And, it's about how lawyers can come up with more. It will also ...

Louisiana Supreme Court Report
La Supreme Court Decisions are analyzed, summarized and posted by categories. {;}

blawg for college and university attorneys

eardrumbuzz IP
IP law issues related to code and digital media

A Tax, Benefits and ERISA Law Commentary and News Filter{;}

An ERISA Law Commentary and News Filter by B. Janell Grenier, Esq.{;}

German blawg containing news and information about German right, in particular{;}copyright, commercial legal protection, trademark law.

The Manifest Border
Daily blogging on U.S. immigration policy and laws. Blogging the pubs for immigration news. Blogging immigration decisions and opinions from both Article I and Article III courts.

Bureaucrat by Day
Daily musings, links, and observations on politics, law, and entertainment from a mild-mannered appellate litigator for the federal government, who is secretly a BUREAUCRAT by DAY.

By Regent Law Prof. David M. Wagner, extolling Justices Scalia and Thomas and other under-extolled legal philosophies{;}

Andrew Sinclair
Thoughts from a BU 2L.

Unintended Consequences
Law and regulation meet disruptive technologies. Sparks fly. Where do they land in the financial services sector? Can the consequences be forseen?{;}Hosted by a Connecticut cyber-lawyer formerly with the ...

{;}Comments on So California news and politics. Offline, I am a lawyer and mediator.

Mad Kane's Notables
Humor Columnist and Recovecommunity Lawyer Madeleine Kane's sardonic commentary on politics, the White House, President Bush, current events, the law, the news, books, music, & whatever else that inspires ...

Whatever strikes my fancy in the realm of tech law, cyberlaw, and ip law...

A Christian law student's journey through law school and life.{;}