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The Larry Niven Community was created in 1997 to form a community of websites with an interest in this hard science fiction author. {;}{;}In September 2000, following Yahoo's buyout and crap management of the old Community system, the community created in honour of the author of the Hugo and Nebula award-winning "Communityworld" moved from the communityworld and here to Communitysurf instead. (I think there is a small joke in there somewhere).{;}{;}The premier Larry Niven website "Known Space" (www.larryniven.org) was one of the founding members of this community and one of it's current Managers, Nesssus, is also the Communitymaster of this community.

This French website offers you the chance to build your own country on the Alliance Communityworld.

Up-to-Date Known Space Chronology
A complete and detailed timeline of Known Space by I. Marc Carlson. (Plus a link list by Larry King.)

Tirpetz' Tales
Niven page of the favourite "authors" section of my site.

Kzinti Language Reference Grammar
this website is devoted to the development of the Kzinti language, originated with Larry Niven (creator of the Kzinti). Throughout the Man-Kzin Wars novels and the Communityworld novels, few Kzinti words ...

A list of similar authors and books.{;}An attempt to characterise Niven's style.

The Kzin Question
A speculation on where the Kzin (from Larry Niven's Known Space) can fit into a modern interpretation of the Star Trek universe, reconciling the view of Earth's 21st century history presented by "The Slaver ...

Diseño Filmico: Mundo Anillo, Diseño de Aerocicletas
Original Spanish:{;}Diseño Filmico en base al libro "Community World" de larry Niven. Proyecto de graduacion de daniel martin para la carrera de Diseño industrial de la Universidad Nacional de Mar del ...

larryniven-l : The Larry Niven Mailing List
The Larry Niven Mailing list is a discussion list for the writings of the Science Fiction Author, Larry Niven. {;}The members of this mailing list also discuss scientific discoveries which link back to ...

Urgesat ! Larry Niven
Larry Niven in french.{;}Ce blog répertorie et présente toutes les oeuvres de Larry Niven éditées en français.

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