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Pictures with Lake applet, Snow applet, Snowbuild applet, Cloud applet, Overlays , Bookflip applet and more.....Halloween, Dragons, Mermaids, Scary midis, Scary wavs, Star Trek wavs. {;}Pictures of Animals, ...

C'applets by Caprial
My main applet page, some streaming, pearls of wisdom, everyday thoughts{;}in a gallery presentation for your{;}viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!

Rick & Nancy's Emerald Valley
Lots of beautiful pictures with applets. Just something to look at. For Friends and Family

Tundra Rose Kid
POW/MIA, Gardening, Limited Editions of Rose Angels to adopt, Adopt tundra DewDrops or tundra RosePetal, Crafts, Geneolgy, Alaska stories, Recipes, Pet Stories & pictures, Applets, Clip Art, Holidays, ...

Barngirls Place
Lake and java applets, original photography,photo albums,free wallpaper

Across Time
7 pages of applets, including regular lake applets, reverse lake applet, and other applets.

Rick Callahan's Lake Applets
Lake Applet applied to some of my photographs

Keby's Place
Beautiful lakeapplets, snowapplets, holiday midis, sunsets, Anne Geddes and more!

IT Wonderland: Lake Marvels
Fun to learn, explore and create with IT for life!

The Comfort Zone
I have over 50 lake applets on my pages from either photographs I have taken or graphics I have made. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do shacommunity them with you.

Gloria's Southern Gospel Links
My site offers over 550 links to Southern Gospel,Music & Media, plus other Christian links and much more.

The Realms
native american poems, power animal, adopt a spirt totem to watch over your site,native american payers.....

GBallabio Photo Gallery Reflections
Fine Lakes from Italy

Utah under water
These pictures show Utah as the flood water recedes...{;}

Grandma's Hideaways
Lake applets of some of the lovely images found on the internet.

Jackie_f's Home Page
Help for new chatters and web beginners. Get all my VP gestures, some golf avatars, and enjoy the chat rooms with all my lake applets.

Applets...lakes, snow, dust, many more!!!

Christmas Every Day
Some pretty wintery lake applets for your enjoyment included in my Christmas site.

EROS applet's web site
Here you will find over 200 lake applets,snow applets,angels,flowers & roses,unicorns & fairy,fantasy castle,love poems,waterfalls,holiday greetings,postcards & fun page..{;}all pages are fully animated ...

Pederson Home Page
This is a site that has Shockwaves,Fun Page, and Lake Applets hope you injoy our site all about the love for Jesus

Out of the Earth
Out of the Earth is dedicated to providing safe, natural alternatives to assist with the healing of body, mind and spirit of pets and their people. We specialize in aromatherapy blends and massage, flower ...

§hadow Lake Applet§
Original graphics and words of inspiration adorned by a variety of applets from the §hadow§ of the pa§t.

Galleries & Museums d'Java
I have created a collection galleries featucommunity some of my favorite art. Everything has been enhanced with the Lake and music has been added for your enjoyment. Each page offers a new and pleasing ...

Castle Fae
This is mainly a Harry Potter site, however applets abound throughout this site as well as having a special applet path with a separate menu.

The Burrows
Lots of lake & other applets, Harry Potter movie photos, neopets, Free 'I Believe' buttons and Hogwart's classes.

Home and Heart
I have learned many exciting (to me) ways of expressing myself since learning the computer and internet worlds several years ago. I have displayed my work in this area and I hope you enjoy my perspective ...

My site contains many different applets eg:combination,lake,snow,fog,ripple;slideshow and snowshow

Meb's Applets
Lake applets and others, most with overlays, a relaxing place to spend some time. Waterfalls are my latest passion!

Crow Visions
A page of my people of the "Crow Nation"

Dorothy's Lake Pictures
Lake applets made with my original photos of roses and some original paintings.

Oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds and puddles, depicted in fine art and enhanced with Lake Applets!

Home of Miss Elegance
I have several lake applets that I have made. You will find some snowglobes, backgrounds and background sets, along with a few poems I have written.

Eternity's Other Place
My site contains several pages of applets and poems, as well as graphics I made using PSP.

Gerry and Company
Pages dedicated to my grandchildren.Applets,inspirational stories,poems,pics,Bible verses,Awards to apply for.

Zens Lake Applets
Award Winning Site, Lake Applets, Overlays...Snow & Lake Combinations...I just cant stop playing with these things..Am I going Insane?.. Come visit and find out..and while your there drop me a line :) ...

The Order of Croodzi
The Order of Croodzi is a mystical Order, who's membership is open to all. All the resources on our site are free to all who vist. All are welcome on our site.

Beautiful Applet Links
Lake applet featucommunity a spiritual midi file (How Great Thou Art), as the planets seem to witness the glory of God's creation.

Photography by Carol
Some of my favorite photos--scenics, animals, flowers, swamps, sunsets--enhanced by lake and snow applets.

Designs by Rose
Some applets I have done with photos I have taken of scenery, my kids & a few with graphic photos.

Castle Lake Applets
Wonderful Castle Lake Applets.

My Applet Pages
Lake and snow Applets,poems,family.

Canton Chow Chows
Features a variety of lake applets most of which are of my Chow Chow Dogs. I also have some of The Highlander.

Fun with Java, Javascript, CSS and DHTML
This site is my laboratory for experimentation. It has quite a few nice lake applets, some with overlays and one in combination with a snow applet. Then there are snow applets and other java applets I ...

Marie´s Applet Gallery
Welcome to Marie's Applets Gallery

D's Place
My website is all about poems & story's I have collected. Pictures of my gardens, places. Snow applets and of course lake applets. There is so much more, so pop in and take a peak.

Val's Applets
Several beautiful pages with lake and snow applets, plus over 50 other pages on my web site covecommunity many subjects, eg. Australia, New Zealand, Travel, Animals, Family, Clan Home/Hume, Globes, Poetry, ...

Lake Applets of Praise
lake applets of praise with verse and music, celebrating Creation and nature.

Welcome to the Design Dragons Site
personal site about me, my Family and friends, some midi music and many lake applets

Leo's Home Page
Lake Applets

Doug's World
I have my own Inspirational Poetry Pages with applets and music to compliment each page. There is also access to other free resources for your personal enjoyment!