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Woman Against Violence Community is for all who support joining the fight to stop the violence! Men may join if they support the fight to stop violence against all women, children and men as well!{;}

{;}Retired Detectives site on Domestic violence, abuse, rape, child abuse with facts and self-help, poems and victims stories

Quiltbird's Health Page
{;}A variety of links to sites featucommunity women's health issues.

Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II.

MariŽt's Power Passion Page
{;}MariŽt's Power Passion Page

Muse Melete
The Muses in Greek Mythology.

Olivia's Garden
100% FREE Greetings and Virtual Gifts.

The Wiccan Marie
All things Wiccan.

shellys home away from home
my personal webpages and stuff about being a young, divorced mother of a 2 year old born with congenital heart disease.

Spiral and Joker's Road tales
Come visit a site that makes you feel better and a balm to your soul{;}an angel for your heart and everything else for your spirit

The Recovered Traumatic Memories Resource File
The truth of dissociative amnesia, recovered memories, DID, articles and excerpts on research confirming recovered memories, information on the background and fallacies of the FMSF.

Serenity N' Sanctuary
Serenity N' Sanctuary was started to help bcommunity Domestic Violence in the open. It is dedicated to victims and survivors of Dometic Violence.

HARTS Angels, Grief At Home, RRTStudios, Just Me
RRTStudios and HARTS Angels offers a variety of self improvement from Living after Grief to Web page design and graphics

Sweet Dreams
Something for everyone...

Ann's Home
family friendly, poems greeting cards and more{;}

Dreamz of a Child
This is my story, a story on survival. Let me take you on a journey through my life, it was not an easy one but I am here, I survived. I am a SURVIVER!!! {;}

Stephanie's Safe Haven
This page is my healing journey for recovery. You will find information, links, and supports in the areas of sexual abuse, domestic violence, SRA and RA, MPD/DID, substance abuse and Klippel-Feil syndrome. ...

Kicking Your Shoes Off with Mickie Sue
My site is family oriented. My causes are "Women Against Domestic Violence" and "Helping to stop the maltreatment and abuse of Children".

shaynamaydle's home page
My site contains original poetry dealing with child abuse, disabilities, current events and other life experiences. I also discuss various disabilities and have resource links for them. Included is my ...

Mystical Dreams of Hope
All types of causes, backgrounds, poetry, etc.

Luvzbluez Resources on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence
My site has lots of useful information and resources on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, including, my story, and personal poetry.

Castle Ramsey
Pam Ramsey's home on the web. Visit and find out what makes me tick.

Gentle Touch's Web
Gentle Touch's Web is committed to helping to put a stop to all forms of violence, including hate crimes and child abuse, and domestic violence. We can all make a small difference if we all join in the ...

Darlen's Home Page
Poetry domestic violence info my story country music{;}

Healing Our Lives
A healing site for women surviving and healing from childhood sexual abuse.

Take a journey through my heart and soul by going through my dedications, my story, family and friends.