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AncientWorlds.net is the successor of AncientSites, a community-based subscription service in pursuit of Ancient History. This community serves to provide a community to link together Groups within AncientWorlds.net that wish to "exchange" links.

Religio Romana
Discussion, information, links and recommended reading on the State Religion of Rome and the Religions of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.

A Games World
A group for Games of all sorts. From Ancient Games to Computer Games. What's your strategy?

Kong Tian Nuo
Kong Tian Nuo A mainly chinese group, full of fasinating history, oriental legends, and ancient to modern culture. I have a role play board in here too! All are welcome!

Ancient Mysteries

The Connexion
Ever wonder where everyone comes from? Well, here's your opportunity to share, connect and perhaps make some real life connections?

Feng Shui
The Chinese Art of Placement. Living in harmony with our environment and all the elements within nature.

The Academy
History with a martial flair.

The Thunder of Perun
A new group, currently in its formative stages, explocommunity Slavic culture in myths and in facts. Folktales, beliefs, traditional lore, history and much more to come!

Community Home
AncientWorlds LinkCommunity Group Home

The Healing Arts Through the Ages
A group for the discussion of humanity's medical history from antiquity to present day

Orbis Technicus
A group to discuss the state of technics in the classical worlds, the inventors, architecture and machines.

Lex Romana
The rule of law and the organization of law is Rome's most lasting and unique gift to the world.

Turtle Nations
Historical, archaological and cultural discussions of the pre-Columbian societies, tribes and nations of North America, conducted in a spirit of respect.

Early Dynastic China
Discover the history, art and culture of the Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han dynasties of China. Explore pre-dynastic roots of China, including Neolithic cultures and the legendary Xia.

Compleat Britain
A comprehensive site for those interested in all things British, from the Roman occupation to World War II.

Sesh Ked
A group focused on explocommunity the art and architecture of ancient Egypt

History of Kemet
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair! The history of ancient Egypt.

Women of the Two Lands
The role of women in ancient Egypt: in everyday life, and in the nobility

A web based community for the academic examination of Sparta and its region. Join in and explore its cultural, religious life and all the concept of a polis-state that enjoyed the admiration of philosophers ...