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Hi my name is Dusty. I'm a lab/husky mix and this is my page!

Huntmor Labradors
Welcome to Huntmor Labradors. We enjoy our Labradors in Hunt Tests, Conformation and Obedience trails. In our breeding program, we strive to produce wonderful, healthy family companions that are intelligent, ...

Labrador Lair
Hershey, the black Lab, shows off her pictures.{;}

Heartland Lab's Official Site
We love labradors. We have owned and bred labradors for 16 years. Come visit our site.

Lucy's Yard
Lucy is the older LabXRottie we adopted in December 1997. She got her CGC in fall 2000. She can be grumpy and mopey and opinionated, and prefers people to other dogs, but is calm and a sweetheart and ...

Starfire's Shrine to Tasha
My tribute to Tasha, the cutest black lab in the world!

Rebecca's World of Dogs
A website dedicated to all dogs and to their cousins, the wolf. However, as a lab owner and breeder, our special dogs are featured individually.

Tasha's Web Site
Story and pictures of Tasha, my black lab mix.

Labradogs Muff & Frodo
Virtual home of two labrador dogs from Estonia

Copperquest Chocolate Labradors
Copperquest, chocolate labs at their finest! Outstanding blacks and yellows too. California breeder/exhibitor dedicated to producing an "all purpose" labrador. Copperquest labradors win in the show ...

HRH Princess Madeline's Hoosier Lab Lair
The adventures of Maddie, the HoosierLab!

Rosie's page - WOOF!
Rosie a.k.a. Keepsake's Ramblin' Rosie D, is a purebred Labrador Retriever born 12/31/97. Rosie's mother is fox red and her daddy, Keepsake's Driftin' Dickens, is yellow. Rosie is very good at her job: ...

Sar~K9 70
My little home in cyberspace is about me, my family and the work I do. I'm a SAR~K9 with our local fire department. I not only work with mutual aid departments I also work with PSP

For The Love of Labs
Come and meet my two Hawaiian wahine pups ... Ikaika and Keiki. Aloha!

Dunn's Marsh Labradors
Breeding for the "all around" Labrador, dogs with healthy minds and a sound bodies.

Rainshadow Labrador Retrievers
Labradors who would much rather be sleeping on the bed at home; being made to compete in obedience, conformation and hunt tests

Zyon the Black Lab
Zyon is a black labrador retriever who is almost a year old. Take a look at some of his baby pictures and get some info on Labrador Retrievers.

Sam & Millie
The Sam & Millie home page is a site dedicated to Sam our champion black male labrador and Millie his female yellow sister.

Honorbright Labrador Retrievers
Welcome to our kennel in northeast Iowa. We breed labradors with excellent temperaments for show, obedience, and wonderful family companions. Visit our website to see pictures of our yellow, black, and ...

Jet's Page
A page which highlights the growth and development of our favorite dog breed. Jet is our pet lab, and pictures and descriptions are given as she develops from a pup into an adult. Lots of other links ...

Rosebank Farm Labradors
Home page for our family of Labradors which we brought with us on our return from living in England. Four of our dogs are registered therapy dogs.

Kentucky Lab Rescue
We are an all volunteer, non profit organization devoted to finding suitable and loving homes in the Kentucky area for abandoned and rescued Labrador Retrievers. {;}

The Shanny Monster
The Life & Times of the Shanny Monster.{;}

Ponderosa Labradors
We breed and show our labs. We are devoted to attaining the true attributes of a labrador. Our labs are raised in our home. {;}

Jayhawk Labradors
Small hobby breeders in NH dedicated to the versatile Labrador.

Shamrock Labradors
Shamrock Labradors is located in historic Randolph, New Jersey where I have been involved with Labrador Retrievers since 1997, AKC breeding stock OFA\\\'d and CERF\\\'d.

Fair Havens Farm
A site about our farm & Labradors.

Alegra Labrador Retrievers
Labrador Retriever Breeders in Michigan

DAGLwood Labradors
Concentrating on high quality Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. We strive for the best in potential show and field trial lines.

Eatonlane Labrador Retrievers
We are a small hobby kennel located in Littleton, Colorado producing show champions, companions, and field labs.

Sunny Acre Labrador Retrievers
English type black & yellow Labrador Retrievers in southwest Missouri following the proud tradition of my mentor, Sunnybrook Acres. Personality and disposition our top priorities. Championship genetically ...

At the Captain\'s Kennels, we are proud to promote the multi-purpose, classic Labrador -- show, field, family! Breeder and exhibitor of classic Labrador pups from field and show champion lines.

Sharp Labrador Retrievers
We are a small hobby kennel that loves labrador retrievers. This site is dedicated to the dogs that we love. It gives a picture detail of the life our dogs live. It discusses training, obedience shows, ...

Grace Farms Retriever Training
Retrievers for hunting, home and field. Trainer of the first Curly Coated Retriever with an AKC Championship to earn a Master Hunter

Sheridan Labs
This site is about a in home breeder who loves labs and breeds them. Also is putting up the puppies for adoption.

Punky Hollow Labradors
Punky Hollow is a small hobby kennel, specializing in the multi-purpose Chocolate and Light Yellow Labrador. We are active in both show conformation and hunt trials. We update our site daily and love shacommunity ...

The Labrador Retriever and the Puppy Diary
Labrador Retriever info and links ...silver labs? Standard, cold water tail and history.

DAGwood Labradors
Concentrating on chocolate labs with excellent blended Canadian conformation and AKC hunt test/field trial lines. Participate in AKC/CKC hunt tests.

Rayneriver Reg'd Labrador Retrievers
Located near the City of Winnipeg, in Southern Manitoba, Canada. Rayneriver is breeding conscientiously for temperament, type, trainability and soundness from the finest English bloodlines. We are a ...

We Love Our Labs
Top list of labrador retriever links, sites, pictures, health, puppies and training.

Corey's Black Lab Shiva's Website
Here you will find pictures of my black lab 'Shiva' along with links to other pictures of her and her playmates.

Mirkwood Kennels
We train in obedience, agility, hunting, and conformation. We care about health, temperment, and conformation. We are a small kennel and breed occassionally.

Bullet\'s Labs
We made this site to honor our 3 wonderful Labrador Retrievers Hutch, Hunter & Haven

Wind Dancer Labrador Retrievers
We raise home/farm Labradors. Our bloodlines include Mustang Sally, Walt's Bocephus and more. Our retrievers are just that water and land retrievers who love family, kids and other animals.

Sagebrush Labradors Of Colorado
Our goal is to produce a well rounded, dual-purpose labrador suitable for life with your family and other household pets. We are always striving to better our line to produce a good, healthy, strong build ...

Purcell Labradors
We are a small kennel located in southern BC, breeding for the English type,temperment and hunting ability. English lines, breeding yellow and black.

Locust Hill Labradors
Locust Hill Labradors is located in beautiful upstate New York. We have been Lab lovers since 1984. We are commited to excellence in the breed. People love our Labs not only for their good looks but ...

Labrador Breeders
Labrador Breeders Directory.

Labradorky Sara & Bara
Yellow lab Sara & chockolate lab Bara

Merriman's Labradors
Breeders of Traditional Labrador Retrievers.