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A support community for everyone's favorite heroic nutcase: Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII (and other games) fame.

The domain of Christine -- her blog, portfolio, network/collective, and personal site all mixed together.

A shrine to the one and only Cloud Strife.

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Tuile Lights
I'm super embaressed just to type at a awsome site like this, my site is so icky--and just plain ugly! I really need to work on it. {;} CLOUD is the most hottist guy in the world, and for a girl like ...

Dive Into The Heart
All about Mr.Cloud Strife!Cool music,pics,and more!

Abandoned Hope
A fan site dedicated to Vincent Valentine.

Cutting Room Floor
Just a basic collection of my art and writings, with some miscellaneous junk thrown in here and there.

I Stand Alone
Welcome to the mothership! A site about the creator of "I Stand Alone."

Must Look...Manly
My happy blog where there's nothing but Cloud and I rant about nothing. From the ending of Kingdom Hearts, "Wow, you're tall aren't you?"

Not-so-daily ramblings/ picture postings of my loves.

Random Sin\'s Site
Just a random site where it\'s just of some stuff, mostly it\'s a personal site, but it has quizzes on, and pictures and stuff, and soon to come - Cloud Strife - Page

7th Heaven
The TFL-approved fanlisting and mini-tribute to the relationship between Cloud, Tifa, Marlene, and Denzel.

Kingdom Hearts Project VII
OMG Sephiroth fansite online RPG

Shattered Memories ORG
A personal domain containing anime, gaming, and more.

A place to put all strifesword713's (at LiveJournal) icons. At least half of are Final Fantasy VII, and at least half of those of Cloud.

Lucifer light

all the color
A Final Fantasy photography gallery.