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We believe that the internet and the services on it should be, within reason, free. Too many people are cashing in on the chance to get something from nothing and, combined with heightened security risks, has resulted in the net, over the past six years, becoming an uglier place to traverse. However there are many good guys out there providing free webhosting, free opensource applications, free chat facilities, free dating facilities, free blogging tools, free webmaster tools and goodies and freeware. Doesn't matter if you provide some form of service or content... if you have a website and think that it's getting too hard to participate online without forking out money for it (that you may not be able to afford otherwise), if you are sick of buying the latest online game for near 100 bucks and then being forced to pay a monthly subscription fee just to be able to play it how it was designed... if you are just simply a miserly old scrooge who believes they should be given everything in return for nothing... well.. then this is the community for you! What is the direct benefit of joining to you? * The answer is a sweet "funk all". But you are raising the awareness of others - which benefits all.

The Glamazon Shoe Diaries
Chock full of the trials and tribulations, reviews/recommendations of music and literature. Anecdotes, stories and woes of a 25 year old chick studying Electronic Design, living in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. ...