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A community for the homepages of KT members from The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey site. Also now open to anyone who has Anne McCaffrey-related bits and pieces on their sites.

Eastern Islands weyr
Eastern Islands Weyr ~rpg~ is set in the theoretical 11th pass pern. By just signing up you can become a dragonrider and don\'t even have to go through the candidate stage.

Free Falling Weyr
We are an alternate fifth pass PBEM approved club. Come on over and check us out. {;}{;}The BoD{;}

Melpomene Weyr
An Alternative Eighth Pass Weyr, situated in the Drake's Lake region of the Southern Continent, was built to house the misfits and rebels of the overcrowded Northern Weyrs.

Ian's Wee Bitty Homepage
Personal interests, Local Community{;}

Hopper's Page
Hopper's Page is a collection of the owner's original art and writing. Art is composed of fantasy and real-life. Currently, writing is poetry only.