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Click Member link to see site in tvRoseLea Spins a Yarn
A little bit of this and that...and maybe some fibery news as well!

Amanda Knits...and Designs
An American expat knits, designs, and scouts out new yarn while living in Seoul, South Korea.

Knitting & Cross Stitch in the Ozarks
A blog about my knitting and cross stitching in the Ozarks of Arkansas

Clara's Window
Here's where I share the news, stories, and pictures that aren't fit to print in Knitter's Review!

My blog about knitting, beading, and all kinds of crafting!

The Purloined Letter
Quoth the Maven, "Knit some more!"

Julie's Stuff
All things knitting and a few that aren't!

Jigra Knits

Asparagus Knits
My blog, about, umm, me. And my knitting addiction. And books and work and family. It's a smorgasbord I tell you.

get your hook on
A more differenter knitting blog with glimpses into my life as a wife (new and strange!) and as an unrepentant feeder of the yarn stash (exciting!!).

diary of on going projects

I'd Rather Be Knitting at the Beach
This site describes my knitting projects and how they fit into my life as a working mom. I also bcommunity in my love for the beach when I can.


Mostly on topic of sock knitting. A spot for me to test drive patterns I am designing.

We knit, we laughed, we cried... and then we knit some more

Extreme Adventures In Knitting and Motherhood
Knitting, spinning, life in between, a mother of 3 boys- 17, 14 and 4... balancing a high tech and low tech life;)

K' Knits and Knotes
Random thoughts, mostly about knitting.

Abby's Knits
A CA knitter who loves simple knits

Whimsical Knitting
Knitting and the joy that comes from the craft. Free Patterns

Freia and the Knitwhit
A blog about a knitting designer and her dog.

Slightly Obsessed
The muttecommunitys of a former tech nerd turned SAHM who has taken all former obsessive work habits and applied them to the domestic realm. There will be lots about small children, knitting and gardening. ...

Hakucho is mostly about my adventures in the knitting world. I love to explore the internet and try new patterns.

Dropped a Stitch
My blog about knitting - with some free patterns and lots of photos.


Swim Mom Knits

My House of Wool

Mama O Knits Too Much
I'm a mother, knitter, spinner, and a writer...what more does one need to know?

I'm a grad student. I knit to keep sane.

Nerdy Knitter blog
I write about my knitting, making various things, including socks, shawls, hats, bags, and sweaters, and talk about our dog, Henry, when he's done something particularly cute--or obnoxious.

Knifty Red

Knit 2 Par 3: When Golf Interferes With Knitting
Obsessions, old and new.

knitting. that's it. and Hi Mom.
knitting is my passion, so I love to talk about it and hear from others what they are doing.

Whatcha Makin'?
Because everyone always asks me 'Whatcha makin'?' when I'm knitting...now I can just refer them to the blog!

Cerebral Hemorrhage
A blog of the life a 30-something bookseller who knits.

Zippiknits .. A sleeve to wear a heart on...
A sometimes daily update of what I'm up to, just getting through a day, and my memories.


Ozark Knitting
Knitting in the Ozark region of southeast Missouri.

Freak of Knit-ture
I knit, I spin, I'm an active member of Knitters Review. Check me out!

A blog about knitting, working in a yarn store, designing, life in general

The Knest
This is my blog, in which I focus almost entirely on knitting and other fiber related projects. I work both from published patterns and my own original design work. Exclusive original patterns coming soon! ...

Nuke Knitter
A nuclear engineer who knits? Go figure.

I love knitting! Glad to share it with you!

Crazy Cat Lady's Musings
Journal of a knitter who is owned by 5 cats.

Musings about working with fiber to create yarn, wearable art and masterpieces

Really Crafty
I'm a busy mom, but crafting is my love. When I'm not working on something crafty, I'm thinking about it!

Knitting on the Rogue River

Coconut Cupcakes!
A blog about knitting, life, and raising a family.

Just Knitting Along...
A blog about knitting projects.

Frogs and Knits
Life and knitting, not necessarily in that order...

Knitting, spinning, bragging about my adorable son - plus any other random thoughts that come along.