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Knitting Blog. Current projects and links to all things yarn.

sob sister
knitting, crocheting, and a terrier

Jeanne Knits
My blog about knitting, spinning, dyeing, frogging...

Knitting in the valley
Welcome to my blog, in which I am keeping a record of my knitting projects ... as well as titbits of my life.

Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
My bloggy thoughts about knitting and musings about life in L.A. through the eyes of a curly-haired former Brooklynite.

A Gathecommunity of Wool
In which a Carolina girl in California chronicles her adventures with knitting, photography and blogging...

Another fiber art fiend knitting away like crazy...

Darkside of Knitting
A blog about my knitting journey and other thoughts.

CrissyPo: a crafting blog
knitting, crafting, gardening, cooking blog

Ethical Thought
have many interests that might guide me to start blogging but to be honest I do not know why I have. I think about knitting and the world of knitters. I spend time pondecommunity the World of Ethics and ...

Random Fiber Ramblings
General meandecommunitys of a fiber addict

Restless Knitter
Ramblings of a restless knitter

leetle knits
My now few and far between adventures in knitting.

Random Knits
Aussie knitter who has gauge issues, a preteen daughter, a DH and a rabbit!

Christina's Knitting
My semi-active knitting blog.

A fiber-crafts fanatic who lives to create. Current passion: Knitting. On the back burner: Crochet, weaving, cross-stitch. Past loves: sewing, quilting

Stranded on Fair Isle ...

Knit A Life

WIP Insanity
The ramblings of someone who cannot live without at least fifteen knitting projects in progress at any given time.

keeping me in stitches...
Natalie's knitting blog.

A place to talk about my obsession with my knitting.

Knitting Alpacas
a place where I can share my love of spinning and knitting alpaca fleece.

Kellann Knits
Kellann's atempt at a place to show off her work and to hear from others that love to knit and crochet!


my rediscovery of knitting as defense mechanism/meditation tool in healing. (oh, and there are cats there too!)

Not Plain Jane
If life is more than just knitting...

Sunset Cat
Mewsings on knitting, scuba diving, and whatever else strikes me.

Eniyan's Adventures with Her Fiberlicious Self
Knitting, Sock Knitting, Spinning, Dyeing

Ruth's Knits

Me, Myself and Milotis78
I write about knitting, life and sometimes I ramble on about nothing at all.

Approaching Glory
Approaching Glory is a site designed for edification, exhortation, and encouragement in addition to my life happenings and my knitting/craft projects.

Shazzas Knits
My blog about knitting which my friends and family call my obsession.

JessaLu Knits
80% about knitting, 10% about raising a teenager and 10% general babble

Backstage Stitches
The life and times of a theatre techie and her knitting...

Kimmish Knitting
These are the tales of a young knitter who is addicted to blue yarn (and blue things..)

Knitting on Trial
The trials of life, law, and dachshunds, always while knitting........

2 Wet Fins
The misadventures of a beginning knitter.

The Comfy Bev
Comfy Knitted Goodness by a Creature of Comfort Knitting

Ceallach Knits

left-handed knitting in a world of right-handers
Here you will experience the trials and tribulations of a gal who knits and teaches!

Bubbles and Purls
My blog about my life and family and my knitting and spinning projects.

Blogless MJ
Knitting and Life in Colorado

Ruby Plaid's Knitting Blog
A somewhat sassy knitting blog, created by a somewhat sassy knitter. Enjoy!

Arleta's Motley Wool
I dye yarn, knit, and raise kids, and talk about it.

tiennie knits, quilts, reads and watches too much tv!

Coming up blank
My Knitting blog with the occasional reference to cats & crochet!

Spin A Yarn for Ewe
A place for all my fiber adventures.

Adventures in Knitting
This site highlights the knitting and life lessons learned by a mother of five and journalist living with one loud dog.

Let's Talk Stash
Shelia's fiber blog, with slight detours into real life

Knitting, spinning, and dyeing