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Click Member link to see site in tvLittle Knittin Kitten
A seriously addicted knitter living with her cat in Toronto.

Bamboo Sticks
Bamboo sticks are the friends of Yarn and creaters of Knitted Things, from Leg Warmers to Bunnies. They might be Made in Japan, but they travel all over the world.

Knitting since Fall 2004, obsessed with scarves, dabbling in quilting and brand new to crochetting.

knittin' smitten
where all the knitting mania is kept, so it doesn't take over my entire life.

The Knitted Piper
When I'm not knitting, I'm with my daughter & dogs or (trying to)learn the bagpipes.

Knits \\\'n Stuff
The Joy of Knitting, and the tears.

needle book
A blog dedicated to arts & crafts, created by a children's book illustrator. Includes illustration, knitting, sewing, embroidery, bead knitting, appliqué and crochet projects.

LeeLeeTea the First
Natalie tries to knit a lot, do well in University, and enjoy herself, all while not exploding, or loosing her brain by accident.

And She Knits Too!
The musings of a Ph.D., who, most times, would rather be knitting.

We knit, we laughed, we cried - and then we knit some more...

like falling down a hill full of sharp rocks...
An early attempt at keeping a knitting blog... we'll see how it goes...

Divineknits from Infiknit
Divineknits is a discussion of, a journey through and maybe even a discovery of that creative genius which raises the ordinary in knitting to the sublime. Think of knitting needles as divining rods and ...

She's Foxy and Crafty
I make things. All sorts of things.

Knit Picking
Always ready to self-critisize, otherwise, how can one improve one's own knitting...

Garden of Fuzz
Primarily knitting, fuzzy things, occassional randomness.

A Really Good Yarn
My life is knitting.


Purl Happy
The knitting (and)life of a young Whitby woman.



The Shy Knitter
Knitting and life and stuff.

Vie Vaedri

Living, Writing & Knitting in the Big Smoke
My blog of knitting stuff, life & other things that interest me.

Yarn Magnet
My knitting website.

Hey Awesome!
Just some knitting & some crafts

21st Century Girl
I am a long time vegetarian who recently learned to knit, loves explocommunity creativity, is a firm advocate of holistic healing and its application in pet care, blogs about knitting, creativity, simple ...

Knutty Knitters
A group of OCAD knitter-staffer-knitters like to share their projects, ideas, meandecommunitys, etc.

Purl This!
Rants, musing, knitting, and the odd weird interaction with wildlife from a knitter who doctors.

I am a craft lover who loves to try new crafts from time to time. But still, knitting is my favorite craft that I love to do every single day.

Not Another Knitblog!
The pursuit of creativity.

I'm not bad. I just knit that way.
I wanna be a cool knitting kid. All the cool knitting kids have a blogger blog. This is my "knitting only" blog so I can be cool. Is it working?

Pick Up Sticks
A blog about my knitting, my online shop and my life!

Chez Geek
A newbie to Toronto knits her way through the culture shock of the big city

Team Knit!
A two-for-one deal: two knitters, one blog. Twice the posts, and a variety of commentary, updated regularly.

Bina and Quinhas
Newbie knitter living in the very East End of Toronto, blogs about her knitting projects.

In need of knit therapy
The knit adventures of a girl who just needs some knit therapy.

This Black Thread
A blog in which I keep track of my efforts to become a better knitter, and to knock off tasks in the 101 in 1001 challenge.

Knitting Divine
Lots of lace knitting - and other knitting too! I also dabble in quilting and other fibrearts.

Knit it Up
A young man's adventures in knitting. Knitting on the TTC, knitting at home, knitting in the city... Learning something new every day.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy
knitting, crochet, pretty little vintage things

Crafty Little Gnome
Long time crafter, first time blogger. Tune in while I rediscover my love of craft and define what creativity really means to me.

Sel and Poivre Knits
An avid knitter from the 80's just trying to catch up

kisa knits
A record of my knitting projects, accents with adorable pictures of my cat, Kisa.

She's Foxy and Crafty
Steph knits, crochets, quilts and does other stuff too.

Tita Carre Agulha e Tricot
Knit,knit,knitting for love, more charts,recipes,patterns thats free,every day one new pattern.

knitting, personal blog, out and about, latest obsessions (No rabbits were hurt in creating this blog)

CraftE-Sales Classfieds
You online craft classifieds. Free!

A blog about one girl, two needles, and endless adventures!

life, in a knitterly fashion
because knitting isn't procrastination enough

So Very Domestic
Almost daily musings from a 'Martha in training'. Mostly I love to knit, but I also like to play with cross stitch, embroidery, paper crafts, sewing, jewelry of all kinds and random things like lipgloss ...