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A community for believers in true love, destiny, and/or fate.

Reveal the whispers of intimacy, as my muse sings with melodic voices. For here are the solos that glitter amongst the chorus of our souls. Footnote: Rehearsal is a must and always remember to let ...

Shrine to Naru Narusegawa of Love Hina.

Tea House - Haruka Shrine
A shrine to Haruka Urashima~! Still needs a bit of brushing up! ^_^

Just A Dream
My site is dedicated to Yuna and Tidus from Final Fantasy X... *Sniff sniff* such a sad ending, but it's so romantic still...

Funky Peach
A site dedicated to the rocking japanese manga Peach Girl!!

Christin's personal blog ^^

Site Mate
My lil site for my *cough*sucky*cough* layouts/buttons. and i have doujinshi too~ ^.^ mite be addin more anime stuff in the future.

Childhood's Transformation
A shrine to Love Hina's hyper girl Kaolla Su. ^-^

Strawberry Innocence
It's full of stuff for the Cardcaptor fan. It's also a personal site that is basically for people who wants to read my thoughts, quotes and poems or short stories.

Yukiko no Blog
My Blog. Im a girl i live in england, i love anime and manga an all kawaii!!things! ^^ so my layouts will probably have somtin to do with that kinda stuff and anything else i love such as final fantasy! ...

A spanish blog or online diary, about my life, and my healthy addiction to anime..

Fated Destiny Forever Love
A little shrine dedicated to the romance of Inuyasha and Kagome.

My personal domain including my blog, my writings and some content for the visitors as well as some hosted sites.